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I have been taking many classes recently as our summer program just started, and when I did my splits I was always already warm. I could do my splits easily, but the other day the teacher had us put our arms above our head and I was fine on my left side and on my right side I thought. But, when in the next class ( 30 minutes later) I went to do my right side splits, I wasn't able to go very far at all, and it was giving me some pain. Why is that? ( I was still able to do my left side splits easily, just not my right side). What should I do as I continue to streach in my splits? Also, I'm getting to prepared to go to a non-local summer program and I'd really like to have my splits back.

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Was there any pain associated with attempting the split? Perhaps you were experiencing a tightness that comes with overwork. Tightness can also come from dehydration. Now that summer is coming on, it's more important to maintain water in your system than in cooler months.

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thank you, it could definenitly be because of lack of water, and dehidration especially because I live where it is very hot. My split did not hurt until the second class when yes it did hurt in attempting the split. Also, the pain was not slight or extremly unbearable, but it did hurt quite a lot.

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Yes, that could very well be from "drying out" during class. You have to learn what the feel of "stretch" is, and how it differs from actual pain. If pain comes along with a noise or a feel of "snap", or is enduring, meaning that it lasts long after class, then it's always a good idea to have a doctor check it out. In the meantime, keeping taking water! :)

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Thank you! Your advice was really helpful! I haven't heard a noise, or felt a snap thank goodness. I will be sure to drink lots of water from now on to keep from "drying out" as you put it. Thank you so much again! I'll take your advice and see what happens.

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