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2 new styles of tank leotards


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I just got some new leotards for summer- mostly for Pilates, but hoping I'm cleared for class soon. I purchased 2 Balera darted tank leotards in black and chocolate (one was supposed to be hunter green but I think I forgot to edit it when I ordered- $6 charge for returns so I kept it) and 2 Capezio 202 tank leos in royal and black from Dancewear Solutions for 15.75 each plus $9 and change shipping. I really like the Balera leotards, they are generously cut, and have a wide shelf liner in the large size (good for those of us who are well endowed). The darts have a slimming effect on both leotards, but the Capezio fabric holds you in more. The neckline on the Capezios is very pretty. The shelf liner on these is ok. The Capezios are sized smaller- I needed an xl because of my bust size. Both of these hid my bra well. I wore the black Balera to Pilates and received many compliments. I have only tried on the Capezios, but will wear one to my Pilates final on Monday, so will add to this then. I haven't bought a new leotard in a long time and just now realized how good it feels to wear a leotard that really fits well.

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