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Problem with feet


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I have become more and more aware of the severity of my feet. They look very clubbed and I'm in horror because I didn't realize it before. I attributed how sickle my feet are because of my bow-leggedness, but that is slight and it is the 'clubbed feet' that are just horrible.


I stand in 1st position and tendu a la seconde. my tendu foot, (if you look at it from the side) looks like it's pointing downward and inward, and there's nothing I can do now to change that. When I tendu to the back, I feel like I have to pronate it to a certain degree because of how ugly it looks. I wish I can post pictures so you can see how bad it is. My feet don't even look pointed if you look at them from the side, they just look like very sad feet. Doing degages or tendu in 5th switching from front to back is very hard, because it looks as if my heels can't go in and I'm not fully turned out. It's hard to describe.


I wanted to know if anyone has feet like this or know what I can do, if there is anything I can do about it. Thanks :rolleyes:

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Balletislove20, I edited your topic title because, although you have a problem with your feet, they are not clubbed feet. I also moved it to this forum because the question requires answers from teachers, not medical professionals.


Reading back through your posts it sounds to me that while you have had a lot of ballet training, it has not been the kind of training which provided you with the knowledge and understanding of how to work correctly or what is really needed for ballet. One of your early posts said that you have a very good body for ballet, however, following posts describe major alignment problems and very difficult feet. You have been allowed to wear pointe shoes but cannot get all the way up on one foot. There have also been some injury problems, some of which could well have been caused by the lack of flexibility in the feet, the alignment, the lack of rotation, etc. Now you are saying that you have become more aware of the "...severity of my feet..." and that they look "clubbed". That indicates severe sickling, which would be caused by all of the things just mentioned, especially the rotation part, but also just not having learned how to work them correctly.


I know that you love to dance, and that ballet is a passion. That is great, and there is no reason that you cannot continue to study ballet. However, I strongly suggest that you take yourself off of pointe and get a whole lot of better training before even thinking about it again. You have to fix other things in order to help the feet.


I don't mean to be harsh, and I'm speaking totally from a teacher's caring about your well-being point of view. Please take the time to read the "Sticky" thread entitled Facts of Life About Pointe Work. It is at the top of the Pointe Shoe and the YD forums. You are in a city with a LOT of very fine teachers and excellent schools, so I do hope that you will find someone there who can really help you. :rolleyes:

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Thank you for taking the time to review my past posts. I remember having that problem with pointe, but what I have not mentioned is that my injury, which was thought to be a "torn ligament" and "tendonitis" was actually a fracturted metatarsal. I don't know if I posted that. But anyway, I haven't been en pointe since January. I have been going back to dance bit by bit and now I am fully recovered from my injury, regaining my strength and technique.


I know my feet aren't really "clubbed" and I know that in most cases, I am not sickling, I keep a very neutral tarsus. I took a Dance Kinesiology class so I have gathered some knowledge. I am very aware of my feet and I used to sickle in the past, eg. in retire , but I am doing much better in controling that. I keep a very neutral tarsus and I find I have to pronate just a tad (because of my "clubbed" looking feet.) I am using a theraband now to work on the muscles in my feet/ankle and various exercises given in my Dance Kine. textbook.


I haven't been en pointe for a while and I think your recommendation makes a lot of sense. I need to sort out my feet before I can do that. Thanks again!



I'm training in a Vaganova school now and this is the best training I have ever recieved, I will be taking a SI with them this summer.

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balletislove20 what matters most about the study of ballet is that you have good teaching. Good teachers come in many packages (so to speak). Try to remain open-minded about methodology and focus on good teaching. :thumbsup:

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