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I have recently changed studios to one without exams. I have a knee problem which doesnt allow a lot of extensive work that i would need for training for an exam. The point to my topic is that im in the highest level the studio offers. The class doesn't have the normal syllabus that I am used to and only has a select amount of steps taught. I would really like to learn more of the advanced steps that I can handle. Should i inquire about private classes?

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Yes, you should start there; I'm curious, however. What method are you used to from your previous training? Cecchetti? RAD? Other?

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I have trained in RAD for 10 years. The style used now is still RAD but the excersizes are not from the syllabus. It truly is a big change.

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OK, I think that your past posts indicated that you are in Canada. RAD Canada can help you locate a school and teacher near you. Contact them.

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