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Ballet Schools in South Carolina - Conway/Myrtle Beach SC


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DD is very interested in Coastal Carolina for music theatre next year, but from what we can tell it does not have a particularly strong dance component. So we were looking to see if there were reasonable dance schools in the area. Searching on line, we did not come up with any schools thta had websites to look at. Is there anyone from around that area who knows about any of the dance schools and if she would be able to get some good extra classes?

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Calamitous--I'll first admit that I don't know much about the school. However when DD did YAGP years ago, Litchfield Dance Academy had several students who placed very high and Ms. Doubek was named YAGP Regional Teacher of the Year that year. Other than the fact that you had a lot of students who placed high, I'm not sure what else is used to come up with that award. It appears from the webpage she still does YAGP but also many other competitions, so tread carefully. But it might be worth a look with no real recommendation. I didn't look at how far away it was, but it came up in my search of school names near Myrtle Beach.

Litchfield Dance Academy

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THanks very much Momof3. I will check it out. I didn't see it when I was looking but I started at Conway, which is where CCU is, not Myrtle Beach. Since D would only be looking for extra classes (or at least that is what she says this minute) it might work. I guess it would depend on how far it is. As we found when we visited the university, the 11 miles between conway and Myrtle Beach where not fast ones, even in early April.

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Ilka Doubek uses Royal Academy of Ballet curriculum for her younger dancers. It is definitely a ballet-based school even though they participate in other competitions. Ilka herself danced for 30 years in Europe at Hamburg Ballet and Frankfurt Ballet and as a solo guest artist. She does not have many college aged dancers, but would be willing, I bet, to allow you to take the highest level class. 843-237-PINK. It is 40 minutes from Coastal Carolina, and I don't know of any other studio of the same quality in ballet any nearer. She has her recitals at Coastal Carolina. Small studio, but good quality and a beautiful facility!

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Coastal Dance Centre is another high quality ballet school that is closer to Coastal Carolina than LDAA. Liza Mata is the director and she reigns from the Phillipines with years of teaching and dancing experience. Liza also focuses on the RAD technique but also offers many open ballet classes. She also has quite an impressive list of guest teachers that come during the summer and year round program. http://www.coastaldancecentre.com/

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Thank you for both suggestions. I will send the links to DD so she can check them out for herself. We did not see much o fthe area when we were visiting the college, so she was concerned that there wasn't anything around. I am not sure why I could not find them when I was searching. I guess I need to work on my own search skills.

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