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June Toasts?

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Well, okay, at least it was a personal barrier for me! Last night in ballet class I pulled out a double pirouette on pointe! I've flubbed through one before and then didn't reconstruct it again. This day in class I did several of them in a row! So, I know it wasn't just a fluke. What inspired me was the teacher explaining that after a certain level of training for clean and sharp technique one must eventually just throw themselves into a move and hope for the best and let the training fill in the gaps. She also mentioned that doing so means that you have to risk making mistakes and letting that be okay. What an inspiration! So I just threw myself into it. They weren't perfect but the landing was controlled and ended in the right direction.


And then later, to make everything even more perfect, she asked for three single en dehor pique turns then a double, all across the floor, and I managed to pull out the doubles there, too. Yes, I made other mistakes and couldn't get the petit allegro like I wanted, and I kept forgetting a small part of the grande allegro, But WHO CARES, I GOT THE DOUBLE TURNS!


Where's my bottle of Chardonnay? Let's break out the wine glasses!

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Congrats on that. I'm hoping by the end of the summer to have at least singles down.


Had my first private lesson today, after giving my wish list to my teacher. Funnily, today's horror-scope for me was "Try not be annoyed with someone who tells you you can't do something." :)


Anyway, she went through the list with me and we identified what I could get out of these lessons from that list. I know a bunch of stuff on there is stuff I'm working on myself, anyway, and she can't help, apart from identifying issues in class. There were a few gaps, though, that she said she could help with: complex combinations - I need to get back into the swing of remembering them on first or second try, pirouettes, penche' (exercises to work that), pointe work and balancing.


The June toast? We identified FINALLY one major reason why I am having issues with double pirouettes - stamina. When we did the balance work, she had me first one leg in coup de pied, then the other, then first leg in passe, then the other. In each position, we made three "passes" - 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds. I never made it to four seconds, and my standing leg ached. Stamina - I now know I need to start working up being able to stand on the standing leg BALANCING for longer periods.


Yes, there were other issues: spotting, the "take-off" but this one was quite revealing. I could do two seconds, and just about make three, then about three and a half, and was too tired to continue on that leg. Considering that I can do about 60 releves (demi) without breaking a sweat, I find this revelation quite interesting. Definitely not something I thought I had a problem with!


Whew! It does help to find at least one major issue and know how to deal with it.

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