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2010 Olympics

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Interesting news, thanks for posting it. Very nice to hear that both companies will perform and so many other fine cultural events! :unsure:

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My DD will be so happy to hear that RWB will perform Hikarizatto. She has seen it performed a few times and has always raved about it. According to DD it is amazingly athletic and musical so it should be the perfect piece to perform for the Olympics.

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How exciting!!!! It had better be televised......

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The Cultural Olympiad is not part of the Olympics, but in addition to. it typically happens in the weeks before the games. It is more like an arts festival. The events tend to be in Museums and Opera Houses and reflect the theme of the games. It is also a Global event, but also showcases the Host's cultural offerings.


Pity Ballet BC went belly up recently, they would have been a nice addition as well


Little ski towns have difficulty hosting an arts festival, but major cities like Vancouver and Torino, can easily host them.



I was at Luge Haus in Lake Placid this winter, and we were looking at the Sochi (Russia) location for the next Winter Olympiad, it is a very remote city. It is on the Black sea, and not very close to Moscow. If the Bolshoi and Kirov perform there, it is likely to be in a very small or very new facility. It will be an excellent opportunity to snag choice seats.

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