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2009 Richmond Report?


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It was great as usual, maybe a little more smooth-running, and I think there were fewer injuries. About the same number of people as usual. Only two signed up for Level 2 initially, so several were demoted to fill the class. (Heidi said maybe she'll bring back level one just so nobody can sign up for it!) It did seem to me that the standard was a bit higher this year.


Kathy did the 3B/4 rep this year, and it was the highlight of the show for me - the entire entrance of the wilis from Giselle act 2, a favorite of mine anyhow and they did great. Including all the variations, and a really stunning Myrta. Kathy's ability to bring a corps of mutual strangers together into a coherent, beautiful performance, all in one week, continues to amaze and delight me. Those crossing chugs are a fragile thing; if they are not done well it can look pretty stupid, but done well it's magic. This was magic! The 2/3A rep was from the Act 1 coda of Don Quixote and great fun to dance - Danile really got us dancing in the style (well she does do the character classes!). The turning emboités in formation looked fabulous - thankfully, us guys were not called on to do that!


As last year, us guys (there were three of us!) got a class in pas de deux before the pdd classes started so we would not be so hopeless compared to the hired pros. Also again, some of the Level 4 dancers volunteered to help us out; I think they were mostly teachers themselves. They were kind and sweet, but more importantly they were a big help - I learned a lot! (And I got to dance a bit with Myrta. Since I did some Hilarion bits in classes last October, that was pretty special for me!)


Did I mention that a great time was had by all?

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