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Boston Ballet Year Round


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I am looking for an honest opinion of Boston Ballet and the Grace Performing Arts Academy. My daughter has been pre-accepted and this would be a big move. I need someone to talk to and seek advice.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, keepingupwiththekids. :grinning:


Boston Ballet has an excellent reputation for training dancers, and of course it is connected to one of our top ballet companies.


Here is a thread on Boston Ballet Schools. It is located in the Pre-Professional Schools/Residency Programs section of the Career and Higher Education Group.



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, keepingup!!


There is a whole topic devoted to Boston Ballet's year-round program!!


Here is the link to the Grace program:



Now, the most recent activity on that thread was from 2007, but it can be helpful too.


Here is the thread on Boston Ballet's school:



There have also been a few threads about whther to send a child away from home to a residency program. I can't find them at the moment, but perhaps you will stumble across them somewhere, or someone else can link you to them!

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You are most welcome, keepingup. :grinning: Since you are now linked to the existing threads about this school, I'm going to close this topic so that we don't have too many discussions going on the same school.

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