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Since my son is just starting ballet i have a few questions regarding ballet shoes..Do they have ballet shoes just for boys or do they just wear the same ones as the girls do? I went to go purchase a pair of ballet shoes from his studio and they ran out of blacks and asked if it was okay for white and i said yeah. I figured he could wear those untill i find him boys ballet shoes or black ones..

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My 10 yr old son wears both black and white slippers to classes- when he needs leather I buy him capezio "Daisys"- since he prefers a full sole. If he needs canvas he likes the stretch canvas from motionwear.


Daisys are a wonderful bargain- they are usually about $14 dollars on discountdance.com and come in very small sizes, have an attached drawstring and fit well for the price- and they LAST. (my son is small- he JUST moved into a size 1!)

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Most ballet schools will have male dancers wear either black ballet shoes with black tights, or white ballet shoes with white socks. The best thing to do would be to check with the school about dress code, and try to get him the proper color. But definitely no pink! :grinning:

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Ballet shoes are simply ballet shoes-- both boys and girls wear them (that is, there isn't a seperate boy shoe or girl shoe). For class, girls usually wear pink; boys usually wear black but some schools prefer white.

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I don't know about children's shoes, but for older dancers there are definitely sizing differences between men's and women's technique shoes! At a young age, though, there is probably no difference except for colour.

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My 15 y.o. wears Sansha Pro 1Cs. He has gone up two sizes in 6 months. The other day I bought him a size 14, fortunately they go up to size 20. They wear out quickly though (especially when you run outside in them (what was he thinking that day)) :firedevil: so we go through 3-4 pairs a year. I usually buy a new pair before the SI and they last until Nutcracker, then a pair between Nutcracker and the end of year show. He wears black for class and white if wearing white tights for a performance. I like them because they are relatively inexpensive at our local dance supply store and they almost always have them in stock.

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The six shoes I have worn, Sansha, Fuzi, SoDanca, Bloch, Freed, and Capezio are all over the place. No standard sizing.

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Thank you for your input, MJ. Please remember that one shouldn't post here though unless one is the parent of a male dancer. Thank you!

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