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Hi, I´m going to have a new teacher for this term, my other teacher that i have had can´t teach this term.

Last term she nearly told me to join the advanced class but she didn´t only because i didn´t have a turnout.

Now i´m worried that the new teacher will not think that i´m good enough and will not put me in the advanced class for next term.

How do teacher think about their students?

Do they all think the same or do they have a different opinion?

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Dobby, everyone thinks differently, every teacher, every school, every dancer. One would have to be quite a mindreader to figure out what any person is thinking, unless maybe they know them really, really well. So, what I'm saying is that there is absolutely no way that they all the think the same! You are going to have to trust the school, which I assume you do, and expect them to have good teachers. :grinning:


Oh, I can tell you one thing....teachers do not like or dislike a dancer based on turn out, as long as the dancer knows it's a problem and is really working on it and using every bit she has as well as she possibly can. Being a positive student with a good work ethic is the best way in the world to make teachers LOVE you! :thumbsup:

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I knew that my turnout wasn´t good enough because my teacher did always correct me, i feel so stupid about that i should have thougth about it more. :blushing:

I always try to think positive about myself as a dancer, sometimes it works sometimes it dosen´t,

i think it´s all about how much you practise, the more you practise the better you get.

But is a new teacher aloud to move up students if he thinks they are good enough?

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Yes, Dobby, a new teacher should be allowed to move a student. Keep in mind that most teachers are there to do what is best for the student. Also keep in mind that communication is important. If you are unhappy about something, talk to the teacher. :blushing:

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Dobby, it's also possible that the new teacher's classes will be at slightly different levels than your current teacher's. They could be easier or harder, and this sort of change can affect where you should be placed, too.


If you trust the school (and therefore the new teacher), trust that you will be placed in the level most appropriate for you.

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