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July celebrations


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Why not take a pair of ballet slippers to work with you and when you're on your own, do a bit of barre work, as well? *grin*



I think I might! My office isn't that big, but my boss is on vacation for the next two weeks and he told me to feel free to use his office if I'd prefer. Granted, I think he was talking about working at his desk and not dancing around the room, but his office is even big enough to do grand allegro! I can just imagine if one of my co-workers walked in on me. Actually, since I work at a college with a big performing arts program, it's not that unusual to see people dancing/singing/acting/painting in odd places. :)


Congrats on your pointe class - you made it through and will only get stronger from here!

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Not being sure if it is really the job of my life income-wise, I've just received a great job offer yesterday :P I used to translate documents for a translation agency before and the owner of another agency offered me this; I will now translate movies' and TV shows' subtitles/dub texts :firedevil: I'm just sure that it will give me enough time to take ballet everyday as it is a work at home/work online job, but I'm not sure if it will be able to finance it no matter what my new boss says :unsure:


And I've finally found out what breed my cat is though it took a long time. I've always thought she was an unusual, really long haired Russian blue but it turns out that long-haired Russian blues belong to a specially created breed called Nebelungs (creatures of the mist). Funny that my fiancé has already named her "Smog" without knowing this hee hee.

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Oooh, I bet your cat is beautiful, skyish. Congrats on the job, too! My cat is all black and I think he has some Abyssinian in him b/c he does the head butt thing like Abbys do.


My teacher told me today he can tell I'm getting a lot stronger on pointe. This was even after I had to stop half-way through pointe class due to a terrible foot cramp!

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I made it through my RAD Grade 6 exam at the weekend. It was really hard work. We did most of the barre exercises on both sides which I didn't think was normal for exams but perhaps it is the higher you go? Anyway, no major mistakes - well, not while the examiner was looking at me at any rate :)


She told us how much she admired us for taking the exam and showing that ballet wasn't just for children and teenagers, and that 'mature students' could add depth of emotion to exercises that you didn't often get with younger students. Hopefully that will make up for the slightly woolly footwork in the Petit Allegro...!


Just got the long wait till the results come out now.

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Casting is up for next season at my performing group, and I get to be Carabosse :) , Red Riding Hood and a Jewel fairy (don't know which one yet)!!


Yipee!! I've been hoping to do Carabosse ever since I started ballet. We'll be doing all the mime scenes, and I love those scenes!!


Have to wait until September until rehearsal starts... I'm so excited!! :hyper:

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I'm dancing in a few short pieces as part of a larger student performance. I was originally going to be doing an excerpt from Paquita that I learned last year, and then the director asked me to fill in for some folks who couldn't do their part in Raymonda, so now I also get to dance a few brief sections in that as well. We got together for a rehearsal last night, and I was able to learn everything, so now it's just practice, practice, practice until the performance next weekend. yay. :thumbsup:

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I made it through my RAD Grade 6 exam at the weekend.




Well done! I can understand how excited you must feel. It's great that the examiner acknowledged your dedication and work, regardless of the outcome. :-)

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I did an entire beginning class en pointe tonight. My toes were not happy by the end and I forgot how hard it is to do adagio in pointe shoes, but I muddled through.


In a whine, though, I couldn't roll through my left foot tonight at all. I keep working on my strength on that leg, but nothing seems to be helping.

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Similar issues to mine - and same foot! Just keep at it.


I almost had my split in tonight's class, right side. And as of this posting right now, my left glute hamstring feels okay. Granted, I know that tomorrow I'll be back to square 2 (not all the way to 1, but close enough!). Still, it's nice to feel good after a total of 4 hours of classes over the day. Exhausted, but good!

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Oh - had a wonderful class last night -it was a master class taught by "Les Grands Ballets des Canadiens" dancer Jeremy Raia. It was worth the price of admission just to watch him demonstrate! And, most of us were "mature" adults, so he aimed the class in that direction. Thank you Jeremy!

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Nice clean inside turns, Focusing on turnout and keeping the leading arm more stable.


When a pirouette really clicks, it is such a great feeling. The perfection is stimulating and a thrill!

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I had a great class today. I can't pinpoint one specific thing that made it great - it just felt like everything worked the way it's supposed to! :D


Edited to add - the company took class with adults, too, so the class was harder than usual.

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I played tennis on Friday night - it was a social tennis function at my health club. It was the first time I've played tennis in 15 years, it was a round-robin doubles type of thing. You're probably wondering what this has to do with ballet? Well, every partner I had on Friday night (I had three), said "you move very well". I have to attribute this to all of my ballet classes. I also woke up on Saturday realizing I have a lot more back and shoulder muscles than I ever knew I had!

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Nice, dancepig! My husband is an avid tennis player and is trying to convince me to learn, although he also said he doesn't have the patience to teach me!


Did fouette turns and they didn't look too horrible today. Then did single fouettes at the barre en pointe and only fell into the barre once. :wink:

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