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July celebrations


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In the words of the average teen: OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!


I'm so happy I could really just let go and cry!!! First, in the gym, I did side split practice and felt a "click" in the spot that has been hurting in my bad ankle. While it's still a bit sore, it's not nearly hurting as much as it was. I think it released something.


THEN, class went well this morning, for the most part. I didn't jump, because I didn't want to re-jam that ankle, but overall it was good.


We had pointe in this session, and all went well for that, too.


I went with my plan of skipping out on the variation practice - sort of went to the bathroom and never came back. It was only 15 mins and I could hear the thing being taught so I knew if I was missing the DQ variation or something else that I would have considered important.


I didn't waste my time, though. I went into the next room and practiced basic pointe work. Then, I just put on a piece of inspiring music (iPod headphones, et. al.) and just "danced." Now comes the really exciting part!!


My MUSCLE MEMORY CAME BACK!!!!!! Suddenly I was doing developpe releve EN POINTE, without thinking about it, and enjoying it! I did an en dedans pirouette WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT -and no fear! I did en dehors pirouettes that felt GOOD - to the right. Left was dodgy but left is dodgy in demi as well (I have to figure out what to do with my weight - it's back but I can' seem to put it forward on that side). I was doing pique arabesques, fouette arabesques - all EN POINTE - all without thinking about it! It's like something just kicked in and WOW!


I'm sitting here with my eyes tearing up from happiness. I know there's work still to be done but it's like I made a great leap into the next level - all without thinking about it. The fear went. My body felt (well ALMOST felt) like it was back before I broke my back, back before I broke the ankle....back to ALMOST normal.


I have a private lesson in about an hour, with the teacher that I skipped out of class. She gave me a look after class that said, "I'll get ya, don't you worry" but I really SO want to show her what I can do.


As a precaution, I'm icing my ankle right now, even though it's not really sore. I'm having a cup of coffee as I read somewhere that that helps alleviate soreness after exercise (something about the caffeine activating something), then I'll have a light snack, go to the gym and do a light warm-up and then high-tail it to my lesson.


I'm just so happy - and relieved! My body remembers - it REMEMBERS!!!!!


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Wow, congrats Serendipity! Wish I could have an "enlightenment" moment like yours... Not thinking is the only way to defeat the fear; and I just can't stop thinking... lol

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Private lesson went well enough. Enough to keep me bolstered in my confidence, at least. I was not murdered by my teacher for skipping out on that part of the class. Told her up front that I hated the Don Q. variation, that I know I could not possibly do it even remotely competently, etc. and she said she understood. Then I showed her a bit of what I managed in that 15 mins on my own. She was pleased!!! I even did a reasonable pirouette for her!! YAY!


She's going to teach me the Aurora variation in our private sessions, instead. That one is good for me because it contains a lot of the footwork I need to gain strength. I'm getting the complex combination practice I need (read "think fast!!") in most of my other classes so if we only concentrate on pointe, I'll be happy.


She also identified part of my problem with balance - one of my ankles is really unstable in demi-pointe (fine on pointe, though, isn't that weird?). I now have specific exercises to do for that.


My ankle's a bit grumbly after the second session on pointe but not like it was before. Iced it and am now stimming. Should be okay for tomorrow. :-)

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stimming? Sorry, I am only familiar with this term in reference to autism.

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Electrical stimulation - electrodes attached to the offending part of the body for pain relief - in my case, the ankle. From what I read it's only for pain relief, but I've had lasting results personally. Granted, I was trained how to do it when I broke my ankle a few years ago, and the insurance company just gave me the unit, after a while, since it was cheaper than paying the "rent" on it. I love it. It's called a "TENS" unit.


I also use it on my hip and on the glute hamstring, if it gets too painful to deal with otherwise.


(I know the term from autism, as well (have taught at least one student in each class, each year, who has autism)).

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I'm chuckling because I thought "stimming" was a typo and that you actually meant "steaming"....I was picturing you in a sauna not zapping yourself with electrodes! But it sounds like you do get good results from your stimming.


Huge congrats Serendipity on your fabulous day of dance! I had an awesome class this morning with a guest teacher and I felt so incredibly limber (I had a small flashback to the eighties of my former dancing self) and I have the same teacher again tomorrow morning.....I am so pleased!

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Congrats Seredipity!! Its amazing how things 'just happen' sometimes!!! I was in a modern dance class one time & the teacher kept telling me let go, let if flow, etc., and when I finally did (its hard to do that lol) my dancing was so much more fluid, it was amazing! I thought beforehand I would be too sloppy if I let go more but I wasn't!!


I got a big compliment tonight; took a class from a teacher in my studio that I have not taken class from before; she thought that I used to dance for a professional ballet company!!!! I told her no, I was in a student company, but still such a great compliment!! Can't stop smiling over that one! :angry:

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Thanks for the congrats everyone. Back at it again today - 4 hours of classes today (1 of them another private lesson). Ankle was a bit stiff last night but appears pretty good today. I'll only be doing pointe during the private lesson so at least it'll get a bit of a rest (hah!) otherwise.


Tiffany, some student companies are as good as, or better, than professional ones. Don't sell yourself short! :-)

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Had a funny moment in class last night. One exercise called for a pirouette en dehor, and our teacher told those of us who were "regulars" to try for a double. I was doing the class en pointe and figured, why not, I'll go for it. I got cleanly around for 1 and three-quarters of a turn, then the teacher noticed and said, "great job, Reebs!" At this point, I turned my head to look at him (while I was still turning in the pirouette), lost my balance, and nearly fell into the piano. :)


But the champagne-worthy moments are that I almost did a double en pointe and I caught myself before crashing into the piano. And my teacher was pleased that I tried for a double!

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LOL! So much for concentration, eh? Congrats on the double!


Well, today was the first class in pointe after my body decided to remember and, well, aside from having to re-build strength, the memory stuck!!


I did most of the barre work to the side of the barre instead of facing it, this time. Only had to face it for a particularly grueling exercise.


And in the center, I did pirouette en dehors right and attempted left. I have the SAME issue with left on pointe that I have on demi. Okay....now what??? I know you'll all say, "Well, don't do that..." but for some reason my left side doesn't understand the command. I throw my body back when I turn to the left in pirouette. I don't have that issue in pique turns, but do have it chaines. Don't have this issue at all turning to the right.


In any case, I feel quite satisfied. The real test will be tomorrow night, when I have a full hour of pointe, which is really a regular ballet class taken in pointe shoes, with some extra exercises thrown in for strengthening. I'll see what happens. Again, strength is the main issue now. YAY!

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July must be a good month for pirouettes! The other evening in class, I managed (not on pointe, though!) a triple attitude turn (en dedans) to the left and stretched to arabesque on demi pointe, balanced, then went on with the combination (it was an adagio). For a moment, I felt about twenty years younger, and the teacher and my classmates actually applauded.


Of course, the next day I stupidly caught my flip flop on the edge of the minivan door and fell backwards onto my parched, dry, rock-hard lawn on the one area of my derriere which has no padding. Karma? Or maybe the champagne of my success in class made me a little tipsy...w(h)ine anyone?

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Congrats to all of you spinners! My celebration doesn't have anything to do with my personal dancing, but I am going to see the NYC perform in Saratoga Springs tomorrow night, the production is: "New York City Ballet Mixed Repertory Balanchine, Barak, Robbins Program; Scotch Symphony, A Simple Symphony, Other Dances and Symphony in Three Movements" It's the final performance of the season and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I also found out from my teacher last night that I might be able to watch the Company warm-up before the performance. She said the public can view this behind the theater. I just hope it's not raining!

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I love the Aurora variation from the 3rd act! Is that the one you're learning? With the ecarte developpes in a ménage? It's so pretty! Lucky.. I hope you enjoy learning it too! My arms are always kind of weird when I try to do the slow walks on pointe.

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