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July celebrations


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I moved up! I've always considered myself an eternal beginner but this summer I ended up in a class where the beginners were even much more beginners than I. So I finally took the big step and tried a class up.


While I pleasantly didn't feel completely overwhelmed, some of it was pretty ugly. I checked with the teacher afterwards for her reaction and she told me I was in exactly the right place and expected me back in there next week!


At my current rate of progress, I expect I'll be as good as Baryshnikov when I'm, oh, 95 or so.

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At the barre we were balancing in attitude then pulling leg in to balance in posse, and i was able to do this on one side without grabbing the barre in between!!!!!

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I did class today and my foot survived. I did take it easy but still got a good workout. :-)

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Decided to get off my patoot and went to classes tonight. I am very tired, and really just wanted to continue sleeping after having an hour and a half nap.


Anyway, the first class is technique and is nice and slow-moving. Love the teacher (different studio to my normal one). Then I have a killer pointe class afterward, so the first is a good warm-up for it.


The ankle behaved reasonably well - I didn't jump at all and actually left class slightly earlier to get my shoes on for the pointe class, which I approached with some trepidation. Well, that turned out brilliantly instead of disastrously! Not only has the muscle memory stayed but even the ankle was fine. I evem managed a couple of slow pirouettes at the barre. And my pique turns now have a nice, straight leg on them when I pique. :-)


It's only slightly sore now. Just finished icing and was going to do some ultrasound but I think I may just go to bed. I'm a tired little sprout. Tomorrow back in the boot for safety's sake. Crossing my fingers, this whatever-it-is doesn't seem to be something that's weakening the ankle. It actually performed better than the other one, which HAD been my stronger ankle after all that poor thing went through. :-)


Oh! And the sweetest thing was that one of youngers in the class asked me how long I'd been on pointe. I said, "Recently, really only a few months." Her eyes went wide and she said, "Only a few months and already you can do all that?" I then told her about prior experience and a bit about muscle memory. It's kinda cool to get that sort of notice, though.


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Travelled up to Perth yesterday (2.5hours away) for a class with RobynC who I met here on BT4D. Its an adult open class and I'm pleased to say it was not too advanced that I spent all my time just trying to keep up but not so simple that I wasn't challenged. Really loved it, and time permitting I think I will make the effort to go there again.

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It was great to have you there, appleblossom, and really nice to meet someone who also enjoys all the discussions on BT4D. I'm looking forward to meeting some more at Richmond - only 18 sleeps to go!! I'm thinking that ADC is going to be right at the very top of my August celebration list!



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That sounds so cool to be able to do that. I don't know anyone from my area. Last year at ADC, I was the only one from my part of the country and didn't even know about BT4D.


How far was the drive to Perth, from where you are, appleblossom? (I spent 6 months in Adelaide, btw.)

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How far was the drive to Perth, from where you are, appleblossom? (I spent 6 months in Adelaide, btw.)



2.5 hour drive


Wow Adelaide, i have been there a couple of times as i have many friends that live there. Its so cold at this time of year. How was the ballet classes there? how long ago were you there?

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I didn't have ballet classes there but took dance through the college. It was bitterly cold there in July, I remember! I was there for 6 months and loved every minute- till I had the back break in Dec. The health service was fabs though! I recovered well enough to go home to do my PT.

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Pointe class and variations today -- hit nice double pique turns both sides, and double pirouettes (when I didn't overthink them!).... And, we're doing Kitri! I've learned it before, but my ankle was wonky then so I was taking it easy, it was fun to just... have fun with it today! This was the Act III wedding variation, and I get to help out with teaching the Plisetskaya one on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blink: I like Kitri for the acting stuff -- the wedding variation is so much easier than the other ones we've been doing (I was dying at the end of Sugarplum............), and probably the easiest of the 4 main Kitri variations -- definitely way easier than Dulcinea! So it's great to focus on the performance; me, a sexy little minx? Ha! :innocent:

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ROFL! I'm glad YOU like the part. I never could bear that ballet, or the story either, for that matter.


BUT, today I nailed singles on my left side without jumping around or going off balance. I think I've finally worked out what to do with my body and so far, it's been a consistent thing, in terms of staying "on" while turning. We had a guest teacher yesterday for ballet intensive and he gave a tip on how to finish a turn that I used today. What a difference! All he said was "open your arms at the end of the turn..." so I did, and managed to stay on balance and finish nicely. Now on to the doubles...

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ROFL! I'm glad YOU like the part. I never could bear that ballet, or the story either, for that matter.


I didn't realize that you were so familiar with the ballet -- my apologies then for my previous postings with all the variations, etc... I know we all have our faves, etc -- but I really view Don Q as a great bit of fluffy fun. It's one that I would only see depending on who the leads are -- but when they're on and living it, it's truly enjoyable. I admit the first time I read Don Q to be befuddled by the story (I was way too young to get it), but I appreciate its literary significance as well. I'm a big fan of Rushdie's -Moor's Last Sigh-, which has a Don Q influence.


In any case, do you like the Balanchine version?


And Hans, thanks -- I definitely was having fun. So far in variations this summer we've been doing various fairies (and Bluebird), so it was nice to have this dramatic foil to play with!!! It helps that I like hops en pointe and that's the version we are doing, with the pas de chevalts at the end. I'm excited for tomorrow, but not sure if I can still do those pirouettes -- it's been a few years!

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What fun to learn variations! I'm glad you're enjoying them, Ami!


Last night was a tough class but I did a nice arabesque penchée and got a couple decent (not great, not terrible) double piqué turns.

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