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Ballet Schools in NYC for 5 years old


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Hi everyone,


As you can tell I am new to this forum. I've searched for hours but couldn't find much information about the children's programs at American Ballet Theater and New York Theater Ballet. My daughter is 5 yo and she loves ballet. I'd like to get her into SAB at 6 but in the meantime if she wants to dance I figure there's ABT or NYTB, which both will take kids at 5.


Could someone who has experience with either of the two schools (and or their children's program) please share their experience with me?


With limited knowledge about ballet myself, I am not sure what should I be looking for. I am more concerned about teaching style of the teachers and whether or not they are patience and attentive. Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much in advance.


P.S. - I am not sure if I posted in the right place so please feel free to move me.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers gogok. Please take a look around to familiarize yourself with the wonderful information available here. :o


That being said, please understand we do not recommend one program over another. All of the programs you have mentioned are professional programs. Please understand 5 is a bit young for anyone to teach your child real ballet, regardless of their credentials. Creative movement is what would be best at that age. Go to all the schools you are considering to observe classes before enrolling in the program. Take your child as well. Observe together. Look for live piano accompaniment, kindness, patience and a concern for the well being of the children from those dealling with their safety and welfare.


That said, I remind our membership that comparison of programs is not allowed in further commentary. :)

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I will simply add that there are other excellent schools in the city beyond those mentioned so I would take vrsfanatic's suggestion and look for one that suits the needs of young children in an area of the city that best accommodates your schedule. Without making comparisons some others are BAE, Manhattan Youth Ballet (formerly Studio Maestro), Steps, The Ailey School, Valentina Kozlova's Dance Conservatory, etc. There really are several to look at.

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Thank you for your suggestion, Vrsfanatic. I truly appreciate your suggestion as to what to look for during class observation. I did, however, contacted both schools and was told that they are running summer intensive and no visit/observation will be allowed. That's the reason why I have come to this forum to ask if any parents/students has experience of the two schools so that they can share their thoughts with me. I am sorry that I sounded like I wanted to compare the two schools, my sole intention was really to learn more about each school as I couldn't observe them myself. I understand that 5 or 6 is relatively young to be taught the real ballet stuff, but I think those foundation years are very important (just like Pre-K or K).


Yankee - thanks also for your suggestion for other schools. I've considered them all but they are all on the upper side and not too convenient for me to travel with 2 little girls.

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No problems, gogok!


Just have a read around this site and you will find threads dedicated to both schools. The only problem is that there may not be much information available on the pre-ballet levels for any schools here. Serious ballet training should start around age 8. Prior to that, children should be exposed to movement, music, coordination, and creative play via something like Creative Movement. There are plenty of places where talented teachers are working with those age groups properly.


Do observe classes after SIs are over. I believe the JKO school is currently only working with ages 12-18, but I very well may be wrong about that.

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