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July Wine Couch


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Absolutely DEVASTATED! I missed out on guesting for the Australian Ballet in Swan Lake... I was so close.


Then the creative director said to me they were looking for 12 yr old girls, and older men for the guest roles. I don't fit.... MWAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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Sometimes it is how many costumes they have, rather than how talented you are.

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Aghhh! My husband recorded me doing the Princess Florine variation, and I hate it! It looks like my knees are bent during the last piques and my toes aren't pointed at all! My double pique at the end was so messy (guess I gave up in the middle) and my attitudes look like poo. :D I haven't seen myself recorded before and I hate it! Technology is officially my nemesis.

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That's one reason we're advised to lay in lots of wine during the screening of the adult dance camp video. To be honest, though, I didn't think anyone looked horrible in last year's (except me!). ;-)

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(except me!). ;-)


Haha, case in point!

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Being a perpetual understudy, I got to go in for today's rehearsal of Theme and Variations finale since my guy was out of town. While I knew the majority of steps and counts (everyone is still a little foggy on the end), the spacing and partnering threw me off since I hadn't experienced either. Spacing is always my biggest hurdle when jumping into a role, so I invariably look like crap for that first run (after which I'm typically much more apt in spacing, ect), and therefore perpetuating my understudying...I guess today wasn't TOO bad, but it never feels like I've done my best since I'm trying to be in line and/or not plowing over someone. Oy...

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Well...went back to one studio that was on a one week hiatus...and realized after I got there that my pointe shoes were on the coffee table at home! I had taken them out of their special bag to re-stitch some of the ribbon that was fraying. I usually keep a spare pair in my car, but I don't leave any pointe shoes in my car in the summer, so no pointe for me tonight! Bummer! :thumbsup: I did it in flat shoes and just emoted the heck out of it :wub: Guess I'll leave a spare pair in my desk at work, it's just that some times people go snooping around and that would be a bit to explain. But better to be explaining than complaining!

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Ballet classes here have been out for a few weeks and started back this week, and alas, I am sick & unable to go. I might go do barre today, if I feel up to it, just have a nasty summer cold. Well hopefully I will be well enough next week to go to class.

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Frustration sets in now....we started learning a variation (Kitri) from Don Q. I detest the ballet to begin with (and the actual story as well) but man! I know I will NEVER be able to do it on pointe, either. :grinning:


Okay, it's the first day but still....I feel so out of my element. I'm thinking of cutting class when the teacher does it and go next door to do simple strengthening exercises instead. :dry:

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Which Kitri variation are you learning? I'm daunted by the all the jumping in the first act one.. especially to coordinate with castanets. No way!

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I'm daunted by the all the jumping in the first act one


I'd be more daunted by the consecutive travelling pirouettes from 5th!


Sorry I'm not helping Serendipity here.... Hang in there Serendipity, with your dedication and drive I'm sure you'll do great!


My wine.... I twisted my ankle in the run-through of our last show day, so had to dance through the show on a bad ankle, then twisted the ankle again right at the end of my 3rd dance, with a 4th dance to go.


I completed the show.


Then couldn't walk for a whole week.


Ankle's still a bit dodgy now.



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Those are all different Kitri variations. There are, obviously, lots of time Kitri dances -- but I think these are the major variations, and apologies for the short hand of the beginning of the variations: (and please allow for stylistic differences in performance!)


She has a fan in the opening of Act 1 -- she comes out and does an entrance with grand jetes and waltz turns, hitting the floor with her fan, talks to her friends about how she can't find Basilio, grand jete entrelace to the knee, etc ---


Terekhova Kitri Entrance


Then there's the one that is sometimes done with castanets -- this is the one with the famous Plisetskaya sisonne and ending with the traveling pirouettes from fifth. The beginning of this variation is super fun, with the high pas de chat into developpe into double pique en dehor to jete in seconde.... SO fun!



Then, there's the Act II dream sequence/Dulcinea. This is lovely, slow, controlled -- starts with glissade forward, pique attitude derriere, glissade back, pique attitude....


Five different Bolshoi Dulcineas


Then, there's the Act III solo in the Grand Pas, also often done with a fan. Starts with a fouette arabesque/attitude to grande jete/saut de chat. The middle section is usually done two ways -- with echappes and attitude turns, or with a series of passe releves. The end may include bourrees and passe releves, a variety of turns, and/or pas de chavalts en pointe.


Herrera Kitri Act III Wedding Variation


So I think Reebs might be referring to the first one, Fish to the second, and Serendipity to the first or last (since you got a fan)?


I've got a load of videos of Kitri saved -- I love some of the variations because they're pretty fun to perform, and I learned all four of them last summer. I'll dig up the videos and add them in here.


***Edited to add in the links to videos. I love Osipova and Alexandrova in this, as well as Rojo (all though her youtube ones aren't the best -- especially on stage at Royal Albert Hall -- that stage is tiny!) There are also vids of the legends in this -- Plisetskaya, Maximova, N. Pavlova, etc -- all worth checking out!

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Okay, Serendipity, picture this: Picture you spinning or just dancing en center, and Bela Karolyi yelling you can do it Serendipity, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! There, did that help? Because Serendipity, you can do it!! I won't yell like Bela, I'm just whispering it in your ear! :grinning:

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