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Where can I buy a fan for a Don Quixote part?


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I just have no clue as to where to look! We're going to learn whatever that part is as part of the SI I currently attend and were told to get a fan for next week. Where do they sell these sorts of things?



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Costume shops. Places where grownup folks buy ready-made Halloween costumes and other adult costumes. They usually have black, white, and/or red fans for around $10 that are perfect for Don Q.


whoops, I've posted to a board that I'm not involved with. Sorry. Delete my post, mods, if necessary.

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How quickly do you need one? Asian bricabrac shops always have them too. If you have the time, just google lace hand fans on the internet and you'll have a huge variety pop up!

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Dancewear shops should also have them. The cheapest ones are usually found at flea markets! We had a weekly flea market in Bethesda and I got them there for $5.

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Thanks! I know of an Asian shop near me, so I'll try there first. I really don't know how fast I'm going to need it. We were just told to have it for next week - no particular day given. I suppose if I can't get one right away, I can always fold up a piece of paper till then... ;-)

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Um, no, I don't think that will work very well. The use of the fan includes opening and closing it in Kitri's variation. (You have to open and close it with one hand, which can take a bit of practice.)

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Thanks to all for the info on the fan. Found a fan at a party/costume place and it's cloming in handy as we have no power right now!! *sigh* I shall be practicing opening and closing probably for the better part of the night as it's incredibly hot right now...

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