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Thera-Band Exercises?


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I have recently purchased a set of stronger Thera-bands. I was lucky enough to come across the maroon version (by Bunheads) at my local dancewear store. Does anyone have a good website for exercises that use Thera-bands? I've been doing the normal foot stretching and the ankle rotation exercise, but would like to have other options if possible. I did a search and found a site but the exercises were pretty lame. :devil: I'd appreciate having a dance-related site if possible!


Thank you!

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Can't think of any sites but the book "Conditioning for Dance" has loads of those sorts of exercises in it. It's worth buying via Amazon.

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Clara mentioned this one to me: www.thera-bandacademy.com. You need to register but it's free and has lots of exercises.


But the book "Conditioning for Dance" by Eric Franklin, as Serendipity said, is your best bet. It is largely thera-band exercises and they're all to do with dance!

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Oh thank you both for that recommendation. I have that book - somewhere in my archives - I'll go hunt it down!

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