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Dana, many of our members have shared their experiences with host families, the considerations that went to looking/accepting host families, the difficulties and special circumstances that host family living entail. Although there are specific threads that contain some of these discussions, other comments, experiences, suggestions, warnings, issues are also scattered through out other threads.


My suggestion would be that you take some time to do a 'Search' on this Board to gather as much wisdom shared by our 'been-there-done-that' members as you can. As you develop more specific questions about what you might expect from such as experience as living with a host family, please do post them. There are a lot of angles that should be considered in such a living arrangement. It is not easy to do, it is not easy to be the host, it is not easy to be the parent leaving their child in the home of someone else for such an extended period of time. It will take a lot of communication, give and take, and a lot of 'meeting of the minds' to be successful on any level.


There are a number of invaluable posts that have been shared. You will do well to spend the time it may take to find those posts. I would suggest starting with a general "host family" search, then perhaps checking thoroughly all the threads of those schools that often have host family arrangements (e.g., Washington School of Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, and any others that aren't coming to mind just now).


If you do enter into a host family arrangement, you will (by necessity) become much more self-reliant than you would be if you remain at home, so you may as well take some initiative and ferret out as much gathered wisdom from this Board as possible.


Good Luck on your search(es)! :( And I'm sure folks will be quite generous and helpful in answering any specific questions you may come up with as you investigate this scenario.

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