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May I recommend a tennis ball...


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I just gave this a try on inspiration - seeing as it helps with my piriformis troubles. We had conditioning work today, before ballet class, and a killer class afterward (I'm still reeling and have yet another class to attend in about a half hour!!).


My glute hamstrings on BOTH sides were killing me, but I couldn't get home due to other obligations. Normally, it's just my left which is a continuing pain from camp LAST year. Wasn't sure what to do. Thought about putting on the Ben Gay type stuff but didn't want to do that till it was closer to ballet class time.


I rolled around on the floor on the tennis-style ball (not really a tennis ball but one of those small, hard, rub-ber ones that looks like a baseball or soccer ball - firm, not squishy!!) on my piriformis and found relief, as I usually do. Then got inspired and decided to see what happened if I found the sore spot on my glute hamstring (and apologies if I don't have the right terms - this is not meant for the health and nutrition board!!) and did more rolling around.


WOW! What a release!! Of course, the one without the injury released and didn't hurt at all. The one that has had the constant trouble also released and I could even stretch it without the same pain I've had for the past few weeks.


I think I'll do this massage on it daily and see if it helps the "bad leg" permanently. I've been at a loss as to what to do about the left side, glute hamstring pain. Even physical therapy didn't help it. It got better for a short time, but has since worsened with the increased dancing. I'm careful with it when I stretch, too.


Anyway, it might be worth a try. Certainly is cheaper than applying creams and better on the tummy than pain killers. :-) For those who already know about it, please forgive my wanting to share my thrills at finding a possible pain remedy that doesn't involve meds, PTs, TENS units, or any other device or doctor that costs money. :blushing:

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I think what you're talking about is a pinkie ball. I have one, and it's smaller (a bit between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball) it's hard rubber with little nodules on it. I got mine fromThe Body Series The Body Series Pinkie Ball It does help. It was difficult for me to get the hang of using it, but after just rolling different body parts on it, I was able to see some improvement on muscle tension in different areas. I'm really happy to hear it worked well for you!

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Mine isn't what you describe but I'm going to take a look at that link. Might buy that. What I did was went to WalMart and bought a container that had 3 different rub-ber ###### in. I was afraid a tennis ball might pop or break. These are solid through.


But thanks for that link. A ball with nodes on it sounds like it would be even lovelier!


(edited to add)

Just looked at the site. I have a couple of her books. Thanks again for the link!

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The technique sounds similar to what was recommended for me by one of my instructors. I've been using this cylindrically shaped piece of hard styrofoam to roll on after a class. It's like getting a deep tissue massage. I am amazed at how easy it is to get my tight areas to release with this and the difference in how I feel throughout the day afterwards.


I found mine at Target. It came with an instructional DVD. Apparently, it can be used for some type of exercise as well, but I have to admit I haven't paid any attention to that aspect of it!

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I use a regular tennis ball and it won't break or anything I was worried about that at first as well. I use it to roll under my arches before class it helps warm up my feet and work through cramps. I also use it on my back/legs/anywhere else that is tight or sore. I never have a dance bag without a tennis ball in it, it helps a ton.

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I use one of the cylindrical styrofoam thingies too and love it. My quads get tight very quickly, and this is the best thing I've found to loosen them up. I ordered mine off Amazon for about $10.

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I've been using this cylindrically shaped piece of hard styrofoam to roll on after a class. It's like getting a deep tissue massage.


How big is yours? I bought one like you describe online and it's almost too big for me to do any good. Is it very wide, I mean? Thanks!

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The one I have is similar and is maybe 5 inches in diameter. If you do a google seach for foam rollers, you can find them in various sizes.

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I also have a much larger foam roller that I use at home for larger muscle groups and it is obviously much more intense than a tennis ball. Mine would never fit in a dance bag but I love it.

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