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Decorating pointe shoes?

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I'm thinking about decorating my dead first pair of pointe shoes and putting them on display :thumbsup:. The problem is i'm not exactly the most talented at working with artsy things :sweating:. i was thinking about doing something like this:






Any other ideas? Oh, and does anyone know what type of dye works best?




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Well, if you wish to keep the satin finish, you'll have to get a satin dye from a wedding store. If not, then any craft paint should do! I have used acrylics and glued rinestones on with Goop!!


Have fun!!!!!

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Something that I've done is pencil on a design and then fill it in with fabric markers. I've done music notes, flowers, butterflies, and fish... my next plan is to do polka dots... and (If you're daring) you can dance in them, too...!

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Hello!!I know a dancer,her name is Erica Johnston, and she does fabulous work with pointe shoes...You can contact her through Facebook using her name, or here http://pointecreations.weebly.com




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I am not a teen (I'm almost 28,a dancer/teacher) ,I just was reading and I thought that my answer might be helpful.Please forgive me if this wasn't right...

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Sorry, Silmarien, only Young Dancers on this Forum. Thank you for recognizing that. :blushing:

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