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Adult Dance Camp reviews


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Please use a version of this review form, and post in the Adult Buddy Board forum (not on this thread!!). You can copy and paste the questions below, and add your review to the Review thread.


Remember the general BT4D policies: first hand information only; try to give the positives and the negatives in a constructive way -- praising to the skies, or completely negative reviews are not particularly useful for other members gathering information; details, details, details.


This set of questions is adapted from the Young Dancers SI forum.


Here are some questions to use for posting SI feedback. You do not need to use them all, but this is a compilation of those questions many of our users would like to have answered! If you want to use this template, just copy and paste the portions that apply to your SI experience (if you didn't live in a dorm - leave that section out, etc.) into the reply pane.



Dancer Age


Dancer Sex


Program Name:


Program Level dancer was in:



Other SIs attended?



Number of students in class:


Was the student challenged?


Did the students have the same teacher(s) every day?


How many classes were held each day/week?


Was partnering available and if so, for what levels?


Was Pilates or other conditioning offered?


Were the studios/facilities adequate?


Did you feel that the number of injuries was average for an SI?


Is Physical Therapy Available onsite?


If students need medical care, how is that handled?





Were you happy with the accommodations?



Was there enough/too much down time?


What other facilities are available?




Was there a performance and if so, what were your impressions?


Was casting equitable?


Was class time used for rehearsals?


Did you feel that the number of injuries was average for an SI?




What did you like best?


What did you like least?


Do you have any tips for preparing for this SI (i.e. packing, travel, etc.)?


Would the student return again? Please explain.


In a word or phrase, please describe the atmosphere of this SI. Please include anything that is exceptional or unique about this program, that will help others gain a sense of the culture at this SI.

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