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Adult Dance camp reviews


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You'll find a new Sticky with a modified version of the SI Forum review form. If you've attended an Adult Dance camp, we'd like to hear your constrictive review.


Some BT4D policies: first hand information only; constructive comment (neither slagging off nor praising to the skies without detail is helpful to other members); and details, details, details!


Just copy and paste the review questions in the Sticky at the top of this forum, and adapt as appropriate to the summer school or intensive you attended.

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OK, I'll start this one off... :wink:



Dancer Age 62


Dancer Sex M


Program Name: Sun King Dance at Richmond, June 2007-8-9

n.b. this is a one-week intensive, with nearly full-time dancing.


Program Level dancer was in: 2, out of 2-3A-3B-4



Other SIs attended? none



Number of students in class: 8-20 since 2 & 3A are sometimes combined. (usually only 2 of us in men's technique/variations)


Was the student challenged? Oh yes!


Did the students have the same teacher(s) every day? Rotated through 3-4 teachers


How many classes were held each day/week? 4 or 5 usually


Was partnering available and if so, for what levels? Yes, all levels (extra men hired from local college and professional ranks)


Was Pilates or other conditioning offered? Yes


Were the studios/facilities adequate? More than adequate, great studio spaces!


Did you feel that the number of injuries was average for an SI? no information - nobody had to drop out, though some dropped down a level


Is Physical Therapy Available onsite? Yes


If students need medical care, how is that handled? no information





Were you happy with the accommodations? Yes



Was there enough/too much down time? Just right - enough to socialize occasionally, not enough to party!


What other facilities are available? Usual good hotel and downtown facilities




Was there a performance and if so, what were your impressions? Yes; audience is mostly the other students and it's for the video - good stage experience


Was casting equitable? Everybody gets the same opportunities, pretty much.


Was class time used for rehearsals? Yes, the repertory, variations, and about half pas de deux class material were the performance pieces.


Did you feel that the number of injuries was average for an SI? See above - don't know why this question appears twice?




What did you like best? The people!


What did you like least? -nothing-


Do you have any tips for preparing for this SI (i.e. packing, travel, etc.)? Bring LOTS of dance clothing and some fist aid - knee/ankle braces, NSAIDs, ice packs, ... try to dance nearly every day for a few months prior to camp; it's so much more intense than any of us experience in regular life. Don't over-strain the first couple days!


Would the student return again? Please explain. Absolutely; I expect to attend every year until I'm crippled, and maybe in a wheelchair then!


In a word or phrase, please describe the atmosphere of this SI. Please include anything that is exceptional or unique about this program, that will help others gain a sense of the culture at this SI. The biggest thing is the community. To be surrounded by others as enthusiastic/obsessed with ballet, to feel like you've found and been accepted by "your people" is the greatest. The community here is intense but incredibly supportive/friendly/sympathetic. The teachers are excellent and the training is rigorous - no slacking off, and you'll learn things that you'll work on for the rest of the year - but even more important, you'll leave feeling inspired to dance harder and with more joy. Did I mention I had a good time? :shrug:

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