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I have a conflict.


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Okay, well I just went through this phase where I didnt want to dance. I thought i wanted to sing and write songs. But i keep coming back to ballet. I truly love it. My problem is, i just quit dance to pursue the singing. I totally regret that. Now I havent been dancing all summer and if I join in September I will be so behind and out of shape. Oh and what I regret the most is that got into Dance Bermuda and I didnt go. I really hate myself right now. What should I do?

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Well, you are just talking about one summer off, right? While it may take you a few months to feel totally back to where you were, and you will have missed all of the summer progress one can make, it does not mean that you cannot go back. One summer is not like a year or two, and should not be that critical, especially if you are still under 16. Start doing your own barre work and stretching at home, and get yourself back to classes as soon as they start. :yes:


By the way, just because you are dancing does not mean that you can't still sing and write songs! :cool2:

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Thank you, so so much. I deffinitely will do my own barre work and stretches and will probably get back to classes in September. :blushing:

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