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Which sports are complimentary to dance training


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In my opinion my young man (aged 11) needs something else over and above the many hours he spends dance training as a past-time in order to stay fit, healthy & socially balanced.


Thankfully he is not a lover of traditional contact team sports such as football or rugby, which I recognise from an injury risk perspective are not ideally compatible with vocational dance training. However, he does enjoys swimming, bike riding, trampolining, snow skiing & boarding and has tinkered with and enjoyed badminton & hockey.


I am interested to know what sports are considered more ideal or complimentary for boy dancers than others as one hears all sorts of comments about what dancers should & should not do and the school have indicated that certain high risk sports & activities should be avoided?


My son will shortly be away boarding at a vocational dance training school but when he is at home at weekends or breaks we want to have something active and non dance related to do, preferably as a family, that will be fun, keep us fit & active, but not be detrimental to our sons training.


I would be interested to know recommendations from those involved in dance or dance training


Many thanks

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I think it sounds like you've already found some. Swimming, bike riding, trampolining, snow skiing & boarding, badminton & hockey are all things that my son and his friends did in their downtime. Granted, there was one injury from snowboarding, but kids do need to be kids after all!! :yes:

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Many thanks Clara, so in your opinion are any of those activities I listed likely to cause a stir with a vocational dance school? In other words are any of them working against the ultimate objectives/muscle groups of dance training?

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Well, I don't know that they need to know what he does or doesn't do in his free time. :):blushing:


We ballet teachers can get a bit too tunnel-visioned when it comes to our students, and naturally we want to protect our 'investment', but ultimately, kids need to be kids first. We have to remember that while skate-boarding and street hockey are dangerous, it is possible that a kid can play and not get hurt. It is also possible that a plane could fall out of the sky when the student steps foot out of his house, so we have to be realistic as well.


If they ask about his down time, I would simply say, "He does outdoor activities with his friends but nothing formal".

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Swimming is an excellent complimentary sport to dance training. Canada's National Ballet School offers swimming every second day to Professsional Program students for conditioning. My son swims 3 hours a week on the local swim team in addition to 3 hours of ballet a week. I find that the swimming really increases his stamina. Hope this helps.

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