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Hello from Richmond!


Hook me up with some champagne, because I'm in level 4! Heidi did an individual mini-placement with everyone where we had to do pliés and tendús, then she asked what level I thought I should take. I said I felt like I was between 3B and 4 - she had me do a few pirouettes, and said I belong in 4. The first technique and pointe classes went well and I think that's the right level for me. It was a nice surprise.


I've also met Dancecat and Serendipity!

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I've split these posts from the JUly celebrations thread (and started an August one) so that we have one place to post on-the-spot comments and reviews from the ADC at Richmond -- or any other summer intensives for adults that you are attending.


There's also a review form, which it would be great to fill out, so that you can pass on your wisdom to other campers, bth this year & in the future.


Adult Dance Camp review form

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Hi, all! I am not sure who anyone is in real life because we very well may have met but I'm certainly having a blast! I'm in level 3A and we had a sort of hilarious scare today when we realized that we were doing the same variation as 3B! OOPS! The poor 3Bs had to learn a new one!


This is the first time I've not done Giselle at dance camp - Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty! Jazz today was quite the workout but it was a great class. Now I'm just totally exhausted!


I'm pretty excited about going to Ellman's and Nacho Mamma tonight!! I need some new pointe shoes like whoa. It's always a fun excursion! :)

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Marcel, I think I know which one you are! I think we're from the same state. :) Tomorrow I'll have on a gray leotard with pink striping. Come say hello!


Luckily we weren't learning the same variation as everyone else, but we are learning Esmeralda and everything is done on the left - piqués, pirouettes, and (my personal favorite) the step whose name I can't remember, but you do a small développé in effacé while rising en pointe, bring the leg into coupé (while still en pointe), then back out. And repeat. I really want to be able to do the en pointe with my group, but this last step is killing me. (If anyone knows the name of it, thanks!)

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Sounds like a ballone (sp?), reebs. Marcel, I'm in 3b this year. Today I'm doing a good gym workout here in the hotel, then walking (fun to walk in the boot!) to the studio. Should be there by 9ish if I don't lounge too much (which I'm doing right now!). Wish I could give you a description of what I am wearing but it's not very remarkable.

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I was trying to keep a low profile... But hey, it's not a lot of fun!

Of course I am the one with the Italian accent - eh eh eh. I think Marcel and I are in the same level :blushing:


See you later - I'll be walking to the studio too. Maybe that'll wake me up...

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Hah. I love social media. Gigi has been posting pictures on facebook, and I love getting all these updates while you're there at camp.


So Heidi is doing a placement for everyone instead of a full placement class this time?? I love that!

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Hello Ripresa,


she did both - a quick assessment at registration (tendus en croix and plies) and a placement class. I believe only a handful of people changed level after the placement class, so her pre-assessment was pretty accurate.

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I did a few good triples today! Gigi saw me do one and ran over to congratulate me - she's too cute.


After lunch I was rehearsing the Esmeralda variation and actually did the ballonnés (yep, that's what they were, S) en pointe on my bad leg. Yay!


Had a photo shoot tonight and I hope he got some good pics. I do a weird thing with tilting my chin up in pictures, so I hope some look okay.


And my feet hurt. Ice is my new best friend.

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It was awesome "meeting" all of you today! It's so fun to put a face to a name!


I have to say, my calves are killing me today! It feels so nice to be sitting in bed right now, seriously.


I was practicing my variation during lunch today, too. That Swan Lake variation is kicking me hard and we don't even have variations every day! Plus, it's so demanding physically. At least the rep isn't quite so physically demanding.


And what did everyone think of the fire alarm going off during rep today? Oiy!


I had my first class with Pedro today and I have to say I was really impressed. He's a fantastic teacher. I think I have another guy teacher tomorrow that I've never had before. Should be interesting! I'd ask about him but I can't remember his name!

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