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Remind me not to have strong tea on an empty tummy. Was violently ill this morning but did manage to recover quickly. Late to tech class having done a good warm-up in the little gym they have here. Mistake was using the elliptical - foot didn't like it so I'll use the bike tomorrow, instead. Had Scott Putman for tech. He's amazing! While we did spend almost all of class at the barre, I know I discovered muscles that I could manipulate that really helped me stabilize and turn out more. I was so impressed I scheduled a private to pursue something he did in class that really opened my hips. It was well worth it! I will have to try to retrain some of those muscles over time. I hope they will learn! *grin*

I'm in my element with the rep piece - a mazurka from Swan Lake. Was a show performer in the UK so this is so easy for me to learn. My last show befor coming home was "Fiddler on the Roof" - very similar style.

Variation, I think I posted elsewhere, is Kitri -yep! The one I ducked out of during my summer intensive. When I told my home teacher, she laughed hysterically. Karma! LOL! Still, I'm resigned to it and have requested a private from Kathy to try to get through it. I suppose if I can't work in by the end of that, then I'll not do it for the Friday taping. Someone up there really has it in for me! *G*

It was a good day overall. Tomorrow's the killer, though...tech, variation, rep and partnering.


All that work I did over the year and this summer is paying off, I must say. I feel so much more confident than I did last year and in far less pain, too! :unsure:

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...Had Scott Putman for tech. He's amazing! ...

Cool - I remember Scott from June 2 years ago. If he's teaching a modern class, take it!! Even if you've never had modern and have zero interest in it, take Scott's class - you'll be glad you did! You might hurt afterwards - be careful - but he has a great ability to communicate a kind of danciness (for want of a better word) that will stick with you and pay dividends for years (well, at least 2 years in my experience, LOL)


If there are any guys following this thread, he give a great men's technique class too. Not mainstream stuff that improves your technique, but stuff that expands your horizons. :^)


Is Randall teaching this session? I've already posted my high opinion of his teaching. :^)

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Did anyone else notice how Pedro had on all red on Monday and all white yesterday? I told him he went from looking like the devil to looking like an angel. :rolleyes: Who knows what he'll wear today!


So excited for more partnering today. I helped with the men's pas yesterday (where Pedro was teaching them what to do) and it was a blast.


I like our rep (also doing mazurka from Swan Lake w/ Serendipity) but I wish it was more balletic and less character-y. Oh well, we have the variation for that!


Guess I should get off the computer and into the studio now!

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As those of you who wre going were asking about class levels, set exercises and combinations and so on, now you're doing it, the rst of us would love to hear about the technique you're learning, the kinds of barre and centre combinations an o on.

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Some quick questions for you folks at camp...

for the plies during the quick assessment during registration, she asked you to them in all positions? Including fourth?


And, can I get some typical petit allegro combinations for Level 3B?


Thanks :rolleyes:

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I must say I'm finding the 3B rather easy compared with what I've been doing at home. The nice thing is to be able to DANCE through it now, and not have little rugrats just standing in the way, or on the side playing around - you know, having people around who are as serious as I am (or seem that way *grin*).


3B would be for me a middle intermediate level in a regular school, at least so far. Pedro's was somewhat complicated - the hardest of them all and even then it wasn't all that confusing in the combos. I didn't jump the first two days but did mark it.


I can't remember who we have tomorrow - I think it might be Danile. I will say that I'm totally and utterly shattered today. Have made the executive decision NOT to do the pas de deux. It's WAY too hard for me - strength-wise, at least. It's the Grand Pas de Deux from Nutcracker. I'll do the class portion but then not the choreography part, tomorrow. I have to go ice my toes!!


The variation is actually not as bad as I expected. I'm hoping to do it en pointe. Kathy said I was strong enough for it. We'll see after the private coaching on Thursday. My problem is more coordinating the arms and legs than anything else.


Must go....eyes are crossing from exhaustion. What a day!

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I didn't do the one-on-one placement with Heidi. She asked me what level I intended to do and what I did last year. Since I opted to do the same level, she didn't do it, though she did watch our placement class. I am not sure if she moved anyone, though. I'm in 3A and I do find the teachers sort of approach the class differently. I sort of wish I could take them all home with me.


I have to say that today did kick my bum. It was a long day and we had partnering at the very end of it so I was totally beat by then. Pedro is fun for partnering and he really does expect a lot out of you! I think the piece we're doing, which is also a portion of the Grand Pas from Nut, is beautiful but very challenging. I find it difficult to keep up!! Hopefully I'll get it together by tomorrow!!

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That is something I'm considering, actually. I think I'll do the full class tomorrow and see how it goes, then tell Heidi yes or no at the end. I didn't even practice it with a partner today, though. To be honest, even on flat I don't think I'll be able to do it well.

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I got lucky in today's pas class and was paired with a former pro (Brian Skates), who has also been teaching some of the classes and the Level 4 variation. I think he made it a lot easier. This pas is also right up my alley - long developpés, arabesques, penchés, etc. Every part of me was loving it, except the smallest three toes on my left foot. They are killing me.


S, you should consider doing it on flat shoes instead of pointe!


For the quick eval, Heidi had me do demis in first with a port de bra, then grande in first, then repeated that in fifth (I think). She then asked me to do a short tendú sequence en quoi (sp?) with and without pliés, ending with a balance in retire. She asked what level I thought I'd be in and I said 3B or maybe 4. Heidi then asked me to do a few pirouettes and told me to go into 4.


Our classes have been challenging but not that much harder than I'm used to. The combinations are tricky (especially petite allegro), but overall do-able. Here's a petite allegro I wrote down from yesterday:


Ballotté w/ right foot efacé devant, ballotté w/ left foot efacé derrière, coupé ballonné with the right foot, glissade to the left, jeté left, tonde de coise (I know I'm spelling that wrong), glissade right, jeté right, 2 pas de chats to the left, glissade jeté to the left, 2 brisés to the right. Repeat right away to the other side. That was done at a pretty fast tempo, too.


Turning-wise, we've had combinations with every type of pirouette (en dehor, en dedan, arabesque, attitude, seconde) often going from one turn into another. For example, today in the adagio we did a pirouette en dedan in arabesque, fondú on the standing leg (while still in arabesque), pirouette passé en dedan. Today we also did Italian fouttees for the first time. Good times.


I had a good variation class today and tried to get into the sauciness of Esmeralda a bit more. It is fun to just dance it! I'm also a little nervous because I emailed one of my teachers from back home to give him an update, and he said he wants to see my variation when I get home. This is the teacher of whom I'm a bit intimidated, so I have to get this right!

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I think Heidi was more careful with the correct placement of first-timers, to make them get the best experience at the camp.


I am really bad at remembering combinations, but so far in level 3A we didn't have crazily complicated combinations. Consider that each teacher only teaches a single class, so they keep it simple because there is no time to develop a "habit". The variation for my level is the three swans' first variation of act I. It's hard, but many people can do it well enough...

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en croix and temps de cuisse. :) I'm loving that petite allegro combo!

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