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Richmond Adult Dance Camp


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Reebs posted a lot about the performance so I don't know how much more to say about that other than she was absolutely stunning to watch! Everyone did such a fabulous job and I never cease to be amazed by how far we come in just one week. We also had a great time at the after party, which was at Black Finn. I thought it was much better than last year's, personally, because the DJ was excellent and the drinks were amazing! We all did some dancing of a different type there and it was definitely awesome! We even got a Ballet Talk picture... well, of all the people who declared themselves at least!


Yesterday at the studio was sort of bittersweet. We had class but everyone was tired and recognizing that we were all parting ways in just a short while. People were leaving in between classes and rushing around and it felt very rushed at times. I got a little teary saying goodbye but hopefully we will be re-united next year!


I ended up on the same flight home as Reebs which ended up working out really well because we got on our plane on time and then sat on the runway for awhile before they told us it broke. So we had to deplane and ended up sitting in the airport for hours! They sent for another plane and it was broken, too, which is very reassuring. We were waiting for a third plane and one of the women working at the airport had a nervous breakdown and the whole airport closed at 8 PM so nothing was open and we couldn't leave the terminal because security was closed, too, so if we left, we wouldn't get back in. Most people took the option to get a hotel room and fly out the next day but we stuck it out. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5 and we didn't leave until after 10. I found some cookies in my carry-on and that became dinner - we shared! Only 15 of us got on our flight so we got to sit wherever we wanted so Reebs and I sat opposite each other. Let's just say we had some major bonding time yesterday! Also, she was kind enough to geive me a ride to my car because my brother was not nice and wouldn't pick me up. Thanks for keeping me company and for the drive, Reebs! It was fun spending the evening together, even if the situation was less than ideal!


Other than lousy airport experiences (which apparently are common in Richmond), I had a blast at camp. I had a blast meeting those of you that I spent time with and hope to go back next year and maybe meet some more of you! I think Heidi's motto for the camp really sums it up: "If you can imagine it, you can do it." I miss it already!


PS Did anyone else notice there are like 5 groups for the camp on facebook? I was sort of amused.

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Marcel, I'm glad we had each other to share that crazy airport experience! It was certainly an adventure getting home.


Later tonight I will have camp videos up on youtube. I just uploaded a bunch of pictures to facebook, but I don't know which group I should put them in! There are so many Sun King groups, that I think I'll leave them on my personal page for now. If you have FB and want the link, PM me and I'll send it along.

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Videos from the August 2-8 camp are ready! For some reason they don't come up when searching on youtube, but you can access at: http://www.youtube.com/user/BryanRoberts04. I was able to record everything except the 3B and men's variations because my camera ran out of batteries. :thumbsup:


The video quality isn't great, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

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Hee Hee! I watched a bit of the videos but then saw all the Mookie ones so started watching those instead. He's adorable!


Thanks for posting the videos, though. You really are a gorgeous dancer!

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I've just looked at a few (I've got to go off to work). Fabulous! I'm jealous!



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Official review -via the questions given:



Dancer Age: "Older than dirt" (middle aged, actually)


Dancer Sex The fairer of the two...or a gal if that's what you wish to read! :)


Program Name: Adult Dance Camp - Sun King Dance


Program Level dancer was in: 3B - there are four levels: 2, 3A, 3B and 4 - 2 being the starter level.



Other SIs attended? As a teen, ABT (NY), Allegheny Dance (PA); as an adult: Dancer's Gallery (FL)



Number of students in class: about 12-14


Was the student challenged? Sort of - I found it easier than what I do at home, in terms of combinations, but the actual technique was very challenging, as a result.


Did the students have the same teacher(s) every day? No - in the course of the week we had about 5 different teachers, at the least.


How many classes were held each day/week? Between 4 and 7 depending on the day. Some were lectures/demonstrations on kinesiology, physical therapy information, etc.


Was partnering available and if so, for what levels? Yes - for all levels and THAT was challenging!!!!


Was Pilates or other conditioning offered? Pilates, foot exercises and stretch


Were the studios/facilities adequate? More than adequate


Did you feel that the number of injuries was average for an SI? For me, better than usual! LOL! Being adults, they were nice to us.


Is Physical Therapy Available onsite? yes


If students need medical care, how is that handled? Not sure.





Were you happy with the accommodations? Reasonably. There were a few hitches but also a few perks that I know I didn't have at the other place.



Was there enough/too much down time? I must admit I needed to make down time for myself by skipping a class here and there. However, for an SI that a teen would attend, the amount of time dancing probably would be adequate.


What other facilities are available? Small gym at the hotel, discount pass to the Y's gym if we wanted it, theatre for the end performance.




Was there a performance and if so, what were your impressions? Yes, it was very relaxed, overall.


Was casting equitable? Not applicable - we all did what we wished to do.


Was class time used for rehearsals? Variations and Repertory classes were specifically for performance. Half of the pas de deux class was for performance (the class was 2 hours long)





What did you like best? Being able to DANCE in a large enough space with people as serious as I am!!


What did you like least? Nothing, really - not about the SI itself, at any rate.


Do you have any tips for preparing for this SI (i.e. packing, travel, etc.)? See the various threads on ADC. Biggest one would be to be in condition - do aerobic work in addition to as many ballet classes as your body will be able to cope with. I know that made a huge difference to my enjoyment this year vs. last year.


Would the student return again? Please explain. I'd return in a heartbeat (if the heart still CAN beat after all that!! LOL!). It's an amazing experience!


In a word or phrase, please describe the atmosphere of this SI. Please include anything that is exceptional or unique about this program, that will help others gain a sense of the culture at this SI.


This SI's atmosphere is supportive and friendly. I went last year and discovered a muscle in the back - pointed out to me by one of the teachers. This year, I discovered what I could do with my hips to stablize myself and increase extension. Each time I go, I discover something I didn't know before, even though I'd been dancing many hours a week already. I'd highly recommend it to any adult who wishes to live out a fantasy like this one!

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The videos are great! Thanks so much! I am SO hoping to go next summer.


And Mookie looks just like my sister's cat that recently died :)

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It's hard to believe it's over. Literally just got home and I'm already in dance camp withdrawl. What an inspiring experience. I am so blown away by how hard everyone works, the supportive environment, the comradory, the incredible variety in the schedule and how many ladies are so committed to their pointe shoes! Now that I've started back en pointe(Esmeralda was certainly a good intro back to the pointe shoes!!!!) I have to keep it up.


Marcel - tall girls rock! You are GORGEOUS!!

Sernendipity - the one and only with a boot on her foot at dance camp! You looked fab in your purple costume at your photo shoot, you will have some beautiful shots

Whatsthepointe - thank goodness you saved everyone from my disastrous navigational skills after the performance, otherwise everyone would think Canadians have no sense of direction

Reebs - you're the BEST so pleased that we ended up in class together and I truly loved dancing Esmeralda with you and A. (even though I was more than a bit whiny before about the pointe shoes!) We'll be chatting more, I'm going to check out the vids. Hugs to Mookie!


What is with Richmond Airport???? My flight also got cancelled, mechanical issues, I had to wait 5 hours at the airport got stuck in Dallas etc.... Anyway I'm finally home and it was the best feeling in the world having my little family greet me at the airport. I think I looked like I hadn't seen my little boy for months!!! Lots of hugs and tears.

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Awww, thanks ripersa! I loved that pas so much...I wanted to adopt my 17 year old partner. He was too sweet. You'll have to keep us posted on your camp experience!


Dancecat, Ditto! And note which of us did all the ballonnés - I think it was you!!


I'm glad everyone appreciated the Mookie videos, too. As the campers last week learned, I'm a little obsessed with my kitty.


It was soooo hard to sit still at work today. I found myself doing Heidi's feet exercises during a meeting. All I could think about was ballet!

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LOL! I can well imagine. Had to tutor today but my heart wasn't in it. Still am not allowing any talk of school - I go back on Friday.


Have a podiatrist's appt. tomorrow godawfulearly in the morning. We'll see when the op on that ankle can be scheduled. I don't want to lose a lot of time from work. Last time I had one of these, I did it during Easter break. If I can schedule it for Christmas break, that would work, since it would leave me enough time to rest and recuperate before any probable recital.


And I can still dance on it up till then, as well. It's only scar tissue, after all. *one hopes*


My cats have been all over me since I got home - especially Rocky (the boy). I missed them so much!

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Dancecat - YAY TALL GIRLS! Thank you, that is sweet of you to say! You are beautiful, as well, and your dancing was amazing to watch!


Ripresa - I agree on the blue leos but yay going to Richmond! I want to go back!


Reebs - I found myself marking my (evil) variation in my grandma's kitchen this evening. She was like "she never stops dancing!" and I was a little embarrassed, LOL. I told my teacher I was going through withdrawal!


Serendipity - Ew. Not fun! I had class today but I don't even want to THINK about going back to school/teach. Ugh. Why isn't summer longer?

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WOW! You all looked stunning, and I absolutely loved watching the pas! I even liked the way you all looked in the dreaded blue leotards...or maybe I'm just so immersed in the idea of ADC that I've got my rose coloured spectacles on :cool2: But you all did a great job - and reebs, I also adored the video of you and your partner rehearsing...you looked like you were having the MOST fun!


And thank you all so much for your blogs from camp - it has got me so excited about being a part of it next week! I am flying out from Perth to Sydney on Thursday, then to LA/Dallas/Richmond on Friday. Goodness knows what I'll be dancing like after travelling for 26 or so hours, but who cares? I'm going to camp!!!!!!


Ripresa, I'll look forward to meeting you!

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