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I'm looking forward to meet you too Robyn!

I can't believe it's almost time for Camp for me!!! :wub: WOOOO! I'm flying out Saturday morning!


I've been practicing petit allegros at the bathroom at work. Glissade, jete, sissone faiie, even tiny brises and entrechats.. whatever I can do in my regular shoes :-P

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I'm so excited about going to camp on Saturday and I just pray that my flight gets there okay since the fun begins Saturday evening with a welcoming dinner. I'm so nervous, though! More nervous than I've ever been before. Maybe it's because I've seen a little bit about what we'll be doing when I get there. But who knows! The choreography will probably be totally different. Although I'm in better shape now than I have been in times past I still have some issues with my right knee that might keep me from performing at my peak. I'm sure I'll have a good time but I still have the butterflies in my tummy!


I'll see you there, Ripresa!

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Spinbug, you're such a lovely dancer you have no reason to be nervous.


Waaah.. I'm totally antsy and impatient now. So close to camp!! Taking the 6:35 am flight tomorrow. So ready to be there!!!!!!

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Ripresa, you're too sweet. I don't have to have a good reason to get nervous, though, it's kind of my nature. It'll take me all of five minutes for the nerves to wear off, though. Believe it or not, the worst part for me is when we go around and introduce ourselves, I never can think of anything interesting to say.

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Just some quick updates from camp:

- It is still amazing and fabulous!

- Partnering with assisted jumps is a joy! It's like flying, there's 2 guys, one on either side of you to lift you up!

- The partnering choreography is a lot of fun! This time level 4 get their own combination!

- All the teachers are amazing as usual. Each very different, but fantastic.

- Tomorrow is performances!

- I still hate the blue leos and the tie dye water color skirt.

- Have been going out and drinking a lot at night. It's like beer and ballet camp for me so far ;-) Ah, the joys of being an adult.

- My body seems to be holding out pretty well, though it's getting tireder faster each passing day.

- We have 3 students from Australia!!!

- 2/3a variation: from Act 3 of Raymonda, 3a rep: goblet dance from swan lake, 3b rep: lilac fairies attendants, 3b var: diamond, sleeping beauty, 4 var: from la corsaire, 4 rep sleeping beauty, friends dance.

partnering is all over the place, a contemporary ballet piece using loreena mckennit which is so cute, and a tango piece, and i've no idea what level 4 is doing except it's super adorable. really fun partnering choreos from Randall Marks.

- Today, we had our informal rehearsal at the hotel ballroom, and we all run through our vars/reps/partnering and then watched the documentary on Darcey Bussell, a royal ballet principal and pieces from Sylvia.


Ok. That was longer then expected. I should go sleep, body exhausted but mind still running a 100 mph. I prob won't post back for a while, but figured after all the great updates from the last session, I should at least post something from camp!


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Thanks for sharing that information, Ripresa! I intended to log on here every evening to give an account but I should have known better and realized that I would be tired. This year I got to move up to 3B and I will say that the intensity level was the biggest factor difference from last year. Even though I was in better shape this year I was definitely sore and tired every night! Oh but I was still so happy!


The "Fairy Attendant" piece from Sleeping Beauty was not terribly difficult, technically speaking, but as all "corps" pieces are, the syncronicity of it was quite tricky. We all needed to be precise in our spacing and our timing on all movements, moving in and out of straight lines and into a circle before our final pose. The delicacy and softness of the movement was such a joy to perform and I hope I did it justice along with my other compadres. I know they looked lovely! I haven't seen any video clips of it yet...


The 3B variation was the trickiest I think I've done so far. The counts of it were so mind wracking! The first step started on the count of #8 instead of the normal count of #1, with the down counts on the passe releve' on #8 and #1, etc. I kept entering into it late over and over again which threw off the hole piece. Finally I got the entrance down and it improved the rest dramatically! The synchopation of it was quite a delight as we got to accent some steps while holding others just a smidgen longer. I thought of performing it in pointe shoes until I realized there were jumps in releve'. I'm sure I could have pulled it off had I decided to but with all the other pieces to memorize and get just right I thought it better to go for "cleanliness" rather than virtuosity! (As if I would have been virtuous by any means!!!! )


I was so happy to find out that the 3B pas de deux was performed to a tango piece and was an original choreography by Randall Marks, one of our teachers. I absolutely love the tango! The hardest part of that was the promenade in fondue arabesque (in my opinion since holding your position is so tricky with someone pushing your around, the friction of your flat foot makes holding the rest rather difficult), but the real delight was the unique lift performed at the end. I'm glad I was not afraid, but I'm not sure that it was a very flattering pose for me. I guess I'lll see.


Now I get to rest up a bit, put my feet in the air, do laundry and get ready for next week. I get to go again! Saratoga Springs here I come. I have a notion of moving myself down a level just to save the old body. But all my other ballet friends say I should go for it! Maybe I could find some middle ground and do an easier technique class but take the harder performance levels. We'll see.


Here's a shout out to all you Australian Ladies!!!!! You guys were just great and added so much spark and spunk to our group. I hope you come back again next year!

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Here's a shout out to all you Australian Ladies!!!!! You guys were just great and added so much spark and spunk to our group. I hope you come back again next year!


Hey, spinbug, that's so nice of you to say so! We all had an absolute ball, and I would gladly come back for every camp, every year, if finances allowed. I will have to see what I can do (being retired now, the budget is a bit tighter than when I was working), but I know that Claire is already planning to save hard for next year's camp. I am going to work on Heidi to bring a camp 'Down Under", so maybe some of you can come visit us instead.


Russell and I have only arrived home about 4 hours ago after more than 30 hours of travelling, and are feeling a bit shattered. However, we had no problems with our flights, unlike poor Claire, whose flight got re-routed to LA to avoid a tornado between Charlotte and Las Vegas, so arrived in LV 6 hours later than expected and without the bag containing all her dance gear (not such a problem) and her wedding shoes. Fortunately, she had her dress in her hand luggage. I haven't yet caught up with her to find out how it all went, but at least she got there in the end, early on Sunday morning. Daniel emailed that she needed to be revived with the contents of the mini-bar!


ripresa, it was so good to meet you. I'd love for you to email me some of the photos of our class which you took. I am dying to show the ladies I dance with pictures of all the friends we made. Cari has already sent a great shot from when we were waiting for the shuttle outside Ellman's.


spinbug, I'm not sure which of my classmates you were, altho' your comment about your knee has given me an idea...were you in Claire's group in the variation? PM me if you'd rather not identify yourself here. Enjoy yourself at Saratoga Springs - I am very jealous! I am hoping the jetlag will let me get back to class tomorrow.


And thanks to all our camp mates for the warm and friendly welcome! I'd always heard how hospitable Americans were to visitors to the USA, and you certainly proved it! ADC was the most amazing experience, and I loved every single minute of our time there!


And a big shout back to you'all - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

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Robyn, I'm so glad to meet you, your husband, and Claire! I hope her wedding went well!


I took over 350 pics and a whole bunch of videos, so it's taking me a while to sort them out, and rotate them, and figure out which one is blurry and stuff. I already have a few on facebook though, including the videos ;-)


Miss you all so much!

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... I am going to work on Heidi to bring a camp 'Down Under", so maybe some of you can come visit us instead....

That would be VERY cool! Just FYI, there are several of us Left Coast/Pacific Rim people looking for venues that Heidi can use. Hey, it's at least closer that Richmond! :sleep:


Spinbug, I gather you like Randall's pdd choreography as much as I do. It's usually shamelessly romantic, and so much fun to do! And you get to learn just how mercurial choreographers can be - another piece of dance education you don't get in everyday adult ballet classes. :thumbsup:

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Just FYI, there are several of us Left Coast/Pacific Rim people looking for venues that Heidi can use. Hey, it's at least closer that Richmond! :innocent:


Yes, indeed! I loved Richmond as a city, and we have some gorgeous friends who live there, but it's certainly a long way from home! If there was a camp on the West coast, I'd only need to travel for 17 hours instead of 28 :wacko:


So keep working on it, please!


And I absolutely loved the classes I got to do with Randall (one technique class and the partnering classes)! All the teachers were wonderful, but I rated Randall 6 out of 5 on my evaluation sheet.

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It's only through the summer, at this time. There's one in mid-June, and two in August in Richmond. The one in Saratoga (first time this year) I can't remember if it was the very end of August or in the first week of September.




Check it out there. :-)

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The big advantage of summer is available studio spaces. I'll bet Heidi would do it in winter in a minute if there were a good space available!

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