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taking flamenco for the first time

pirouette princess

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Hi everyone,

this year I will be taking flamenco for the first time. I know that this dance type along with most requires a lot of confidence. Unfortunately I am not the most confident person, espcially in arreas that are new to me. I'm already looking forward to this new experience, but i need some advice on how to boost my own confidence. Also many of the people in my class will have had flamenco in the past. Any ideas?

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You say that you are looking forward to it, so, use that. Go into classes with a positive attitude and just work hard and enjoy it! Focus on the work, not on how you feel about yourself. Fretting about lacking confidence just causes more lack of confidence. Waste of energy. Put it into enjoying the work! :cool2:

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Well Princess, now is the time to emerge from your shell!


I want you to do some research on Flamenco:

Try Youtube, Google Andalucia, and Google Flamenco


Learn as much as you can about it before you walk into the classroom. Confidence usually results from knowledge, practice, repetition, and losing yourself to the movement! Flamenco is a chance (just like Ballet is!) for you to become another character. Embrace it. You'll be just fine, I'm sure!!!!

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Thank you so much for your great advice. I will definently do as much reseasrch as I can. I hope it helps that I'vew seen flamenco before, and am quite farmiliar with the style of music. I'm looking forward to a great first class!

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Thanks again for your advice. Looking on youtube was very helpful, as well as doing research on the origins of flamenco dance. Thanks a bunch!

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I took a few flamenco classes two years ago. It was a great experience for me, even though I was very afraid in the beginning. Those fears quickly went away within the first half-hour. The energy in the class was great, I felt free to experiment with the movement.

Just have fun and if you make a mistake, keep going! To get over my shyness I immersed myself in the music and the movements, it felt like a performance.

Flamenco really helped with my musicality, port de bras, and stage presence.

I hope that this was useful! Enjoy your class! :(

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