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Poor Balance


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I have a problem. This problem is that I have really poor balance on my left side. From what I know this problem is made up of a number of weaknesses that all come from problems with the left side of my body. First of all I have pronation in my left foot. Along with that my left ankle is weaker than my right ankle. Also, the turnout on my left side is much worst than my right side. And finally, my my back and abdominal muscles on the left side are much weaker than my right side. Basically, this side of my body is a wreck.


I imagine that all these problems are all related in some way, but no matter what exercises I do to improve these problems nothing seems to help. It always ends up that the right side of my body continues to overwork while the left side remains weak. Obviously, these weaknesses are causing me to have poor balance on my left side especially when it comes to developpes with my left leg as the supporting leg and doing work en pointe with just my left leg.


If there is any advice I could get about strengthening the left side of my body that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :cool2:

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Emma, there is no simple answer here, but you could try working with a Pilates teacher or physiotherapist. They should be able to give you the kind of work that could strengthen the right areas that you need to strengthen. In terms of ballet, the only thing I can suggest is doing extra work on the weaker side.

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Thanks for the advice! My teachers have told me the same thing, so I am looking into working with a pilates instructor and a physical therapist to figure out what the problem is. I've heard that the cross training of pilates is good, but is it possible that doing to much pilates and strengthing can reach a point where it will negatively affect your muscle development for ballet?

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I don't think so, Emma. Try to find an instructor who is either a former dancer (there are lots of former dancers who have become certified to teach Pilates(, or at least one who has worked a lot with dancers. Contact the nearest professional company for a recommendation if your teachers do not know someone. Be sure that they are certified Pilates instructors.

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