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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack


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I am going to be starting classes in mid_september. Does anyone have any advice on stretches I can be doing at home now to limber up for when the time comes. I'm not sure how "all out" I'm going to go this time. Last time was 5 days a week and I blew a knee out. I'm looking at probably two classes a week this time for leisure purposes only.


Any advice is appreciated!


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The only advice I can say is take it slow. There's a book called "Conditioning for Dance" that has a lot of great ideas in it on things you can do at home to prep for the return to ballet. I highly recommend it! :-)

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Wendy... I would re-read the threads and posts on this board that you went through before you left. And I would try to understand them and integrate them from advantaged viewpoint of your current perspective.


Good luck, ballet is wonderful!

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Thanks David! I've already contacted two studios back home so I've got things set up already. Just have to get there now............ :)


Serendipity.........I really like your signature line. That is so very true.



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