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Hello everyone.


I was reading a post online. One of my netfriend started her adult ballet classes couple months ago in Philippine. Her post inspired me! I want to try some adult ballet classes, something that I never think of before.


As I searched the classes through google, I found this forum. It feels great to be able to discuss ballet questions with other students. :thumbsup:


I tried search posts related to adult ballet classes in Vancouver but didn't find any. But as a newbie, I may not know the search engine that well. So please excuse me if there is a similar post already.


As a 26 years old with no dancing experience, my primary goal of taking ballet classes is to have fun! If everyone out there can offer me some advice on anything about adult ballet classes, the assistance is highly appreciated!


My questions so far are:


1. Is there any adult ballet school recommended in Vancouver, BC? I found quite many places offering adult ballet classes, which makes it difficult to decide which school to go with.

2. What questions should I ask when I contact ballet school? How many students in a class? Fee? Anything else?


I am looking forward to hearing from you all! Thanks a bunch. :)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!!!!!!


The Goh Ballet Academy has beginner level classes. Here is the website:

Goh Ballet


The most important thing for an adult is the training, yes, but also instructors who know how to and care to develop adult students. The Goh Ballet Academy has excellent instructors who should be more than capable with adult students.

Have fun and enjoy!!

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Hi Clara, thank you for the reply. I contacted Goh Ballet Academy. Currently no classes offering until fall semester which starts in Sept.


Just found out that another place offers their last session in August tomorrow. I am going to drop in and have a taste of the adult ballet lesson tomorrow. :dry:

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Great! Let us know how it goes over on the Adult Ballet Student board!

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