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Television: SYTYCD - Canada Season 2

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Congratulations to all of the top 20 - should be an interesting competition!


For those of you south of the border who also are figure skating fans - Emanuel Sandhu is in the top 20!


I missed all of the audition shows, so haven't really seen a great deal of dancing yet. Am looking forward to the next show!




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I wish I could watch it- seems like other countries have had very good dancers so far- I did see sytycd Australia all on youtube, and I've caught some from Poland and Greece.

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I went to the taping for the Top 20 episode tonight (to air on Tuesday). It was a lot of fun, though the dancing wasn't always perfect, and I'm keen to see some of the pieces on TV -- I know from last year that they sometimes play differently live than on film. There was a good mix of styles, much more so the constant loop of lyrical hip hop, lyrical jazz/contemporary, lyrical ballroom and the occasional Latin piece that I remember from the most recent US season.


I won't give details now, as I wouldn't spoil it for anyone who wants to be surprised, but I can recount more of the taping details after Tuesday's episode... if I can remember by then!


If anyone is looking for the Canadian content online, send me a PM and I can try to point you in the right direction.

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I'm interested to hear other's thoughts about last night's show.


I am struggling to imagine WHO thought the zoot-suit type costume was a good idea for a tall fellow like Emanuel Sandhu. I know that he is perhaps controversial in the group, but honestly. Curious that another male dancer "lost his shirt" at the end of the performance, but Emanuel had to keep that hideous shirt (and large jacket) on.


I was, like last year at the beginning, disappointed in the choreography. Perhaps the dancers were only given what they could handle? I don't know - I'm not a dancer, just an armchair critic.


I am somehow not convinced that Paul Becker is the best one to choreograph a capoeira piece, but perhaps I am the prejudiced one - dunno.


Guess I'm just "negative nancy" this morning!



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I'm not sure whether the problems were with choreography or nerves. I guess it varied piece-by-piece.


I thought the best pieces overall were the second hip hop (aside from Natalie sticking her tongue out the whole time and singing/lipsynching the lyrics, which annoyed me to no end) and the Afro-jazz. I also liked the capoeira a lot, and I'm just happy if it keeps Paul Becker away from contemporary -- perhaps you'll recall his jumping-on-the-bed piece for Tamina and Joey and his mother-son piece for Allie and Danny last year? Ouch. The contemporary came off better live -- its energy didn't translate well to TV -- but I didn't adore it. The disco, on the other hand, came of better on TV -- it was a total mess in person and at least looked alive on TV.


Individuals who also impressed me were Vincent, who I thought led very well in the samba; Anthony, who saved that waltz from disaster by holding his frame properly; and, most of all, Kim, who completely sold her entire hip hop piece live -- her performance was amazing, among the best of the night for me. I also like Everett, the tapper, but thought he had some problems with the jive.


There were some costume problems, yes. Emanuel and Kim's suits were bad, but I acknowledge they were better than "hammer pants"! And I thought Melanie B. really needed a skirt for the tango. At the taping, when we saw them up on the tower waiting for their intro and wondered what they'd be dancing, I actually guessed Broadway based on her fishnets and '80s-aerobics-cut shorts ("I would have thought tango, but...").


There were also some lighting problems on TV that weren't apparent live. They need to sit their lighting designers and camera crews downs together. One of the lighting issues actually worked out for the best. Near the beginning of the disco, they did a lift toward downstage left where she did something like a hitch kick on his shoulder, and the camera was pointed basically right up her skirt at the liner under it -- it was very unflattering, but it mostly was drowned out by the light flooding the camera from behind the couple. And I really, really wish the editors would cut in clips from the performances to show viewers what the judges are commenting on.


Speaking of the judges, their comments were drastically edited down for TV. They talked a LOT in person. The editing mostly just made them all sound more concise, but some things were also left out. (Blake called Amy for Top 4 before saying the same thing about Cody and Melanie M... that's 3 out of the first 6 dancers to perform last night! Has anyone seen the movie Stick It, where the gymnast accuses her coach of lying to parents when he promised to get their children to the Olympics? It was just like that...)

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No ones performance jumped out of the TV last night. Saw some competent dancing and glimmers of hope for the future. Most of the costuming was awful and the camera angles with all the quick switch ups drove me crazy. That said, the first show is always the worst for everyone and I'm interested to see who'll get the boot tonight. tutumonkey

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Just bumping up the conversation to this week.


What did everyone think? I liked the choreography much better this week overall (hmm...was there no Paul Becker?) With two of the three couples, not surprised that they ended up in the bottom 3. After watching the solos, I would have picked the same two dancers to leave.


I have to say I really liked Emanuel Sandhu and partner this week. There were other strong performances as well, but I haven't learned all their names well at this point - Emanuel's was one already familiar to me.

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I agree about the choreography - much better. I also agree about Emanuel and Kim - the other couple I liked this week was Natalie and Danny.


Does anyone else think that “dance hall” should be not be a dance style for this program? I’m not a prude by any measure – but I find this style to exceedingly vulgar. I don’t imagine there are many people on this board who would want to watch their daughter perform dancehall on national television – :thumbsup: or anywhere else for that matter!


I have to say that I think I’m losing interest in the So You Think You Can Dance Franchise.


There is loads of talent on the both the Canadian and American shows for sure, but I’m getting more than a little tired of the format.


The dancers the producers select are more and more often “jack of all trades and master of none” - (aka competition dancers) Which I think accounts for the lackluster quality people were noting in the recent US season. And, more importantly to me, this leaves no room for truly innovative and exciting dancers like Gessuri Gaitan – the incredible butoh inspired dancer who auditioned for the Canadian show, but didn’t make the top 20 due to his lack of ability to salsa!


The other development that I’ve noticed – and maybe it’s just me - it feels like the choreographers have their own competition going to create the “most memorable dance of the season” and I think the show is suffering for it. Earlier season’s memorable choreography was created specifically for the dancer’s strengths – Heidi did very little actual dance in “the bench dance” and I don’t know if anyone but Jamie and Hok could have done the “humming bird dance” so well.

As to the more recent ‘memorable’ dances, well there’s the “cancer dance” – it made me cry – like many others, my life has been touched by cancer – but it wasn’t memorable choreography by any stretch.


Watching the the last U.S. season, and the Canadian season so far, has started to feel like watching one of those big commercial dance competitions.


I’m not sure that including a few guest dancers from professional ballet companies is going to be able to change that.


Wow – I didn’t realize I had such a rant waiting to get out.

Having said all that – I’ll probably keep watching - at least one more season anyway. :sleep:

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I just got to the top 20 on Youtube. I have to say that I think you guys have some really good talent up there, and are more accepting of world dance than the US version. I love Jean-Marc Genereux as such a vocal judge. I also really like Trey (sp). I think that the show being on air in Canada before starting in Canada gave the dancers an idea of what to expect. So far, I'm hooked!

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Missed last weeks performances as I was in Ontario for a wedding. (yes I know they have TV in Ontario) But.... have booked my spot on the couch for tonight. Hope to see some great dancing. Tutumonkey

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Both reasonable decisions. Nicholas was a goner in the bottom with Vincent and Cody, even though he has improved even in just three weeks and even though Cody's mambo last night was... less than perfect. I thought either Jenna-Lynn or Amy could be sent home tonight.


Still some choreography mis-steps to my eye: I thought the music for the Quickstep was actually too slow and it weighed the dancers down, and I'm not enjoying Stacey Tookey's contemporary like I did last year on the first Canadian season. I wonder if the choreographers are drained of creativity after so many pieces each year? I'm also not personally seeing a lot of "star power" so far -- I often think, "That was good. What's next?"

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I agree with you about the mambo, sad to say as that couple has been so strong thus far! Cody's solo not as good as I expected it to be either, but luckily for him it would appear judges had already decided that Nicolas should go.


I will miss Nicolas - his wide smile and sparkling blue eyes could brighten the darkest mood, I am sure. :cool2: I wish the ladies could be half as gracious in their exits.......


I agree with you about the choreography. I was expecting great things from ST's contemporary - perhaps I set my sights a bit too high, or perhaps it was the camera angles (these sometimes frustrate me, as they don't show me the piece the way I am used to watching in a theatre), or maybe they just don't have enough time. When exactly DO they rehearse the duets, if they are using NBS facilities?


According to the tv commercials, Karen Kain herself is going to make an appearance - as a guest judge? :ninja: That should be interesting. I actually liked Rex Harrington as a judge last season - I thought he gave good, constructive feedback to the dancers.


Here's to next week!


congratulations to all the competitors!



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The Toronto Star today had an article saying Karen Kain would be a judge next week, and also would be on the results show.


I was away last week and didn't see the results show from last week until a couple of days ago. I was surprised by Melanie M's comments when she was eliminated. Seemed almost as if she was telling the judges they were wrong?


I haven't yet seen a routine I thought was truly outstanding, although I do find the camera work terrible and so it could also be related to that. I do not enjoy the fast panning of the camera, the sideways angles, etc, and at one point a shot of the ceiling instead of the dancers!


I have not like Emmanuel as a skater, and was disappointed when he was chosen for the top 20. However, I do now think he has been working really hard to improve his dancing and come across a little less arrogant.

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It was Melanie B that was eliminated. I wasn't surprised at this week's goners- no matter how many competitions Jenna Lynn has won, she still can't connect with her partner, and her attitude wasn't my favourite. Nicolas is less technically proficient than Vincent, and not the teeniebopper heartthrob that Cody is. That mambo hurt my Cuban heart!

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