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Television: SYTYCD - Canada Season 2

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Well, I found that much more enjoyable than any of the episodes to date. It helped that the show was only 90 minutes (less time listening to/ignoring the judges' talking!).


Highlights for me were:

TJ's House. I thought she had the best individual performance of the night. Everett wasn't bad; she was just fantastic.

Kim and Emanuel's Contemporary. After my lukewarm reactions to Stacey Tookey's pieces until now, this was a big improvement.

The guest judges. I felt Dan and Karen Kain were helpfully constructive and concise -- it didn't seem like their comments were cut down from long meandering speaches. Take note, Tre and Jean-Marc.


The dancers I'd like to see go before Top 10 are, for the women, two of Natalie, Corynne and Amy (preferably Natalie and Corynne); and for the men, Cody and... probably Danny (unless Natalie is sent home tomorrow and he proves himself with a different partner next week).

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I was very pleased to see how personable and positive KK could be! Long story.


I agree with you gav about the House and the Contemporary. :D


I also have to say that I didn't mind the disco. :D Usually I don't like the disco in sytycd at ALL, but somehow this one entertained me. I was surprised at Dan's comments, but perhaps that's because I'm older than him and actually remember the disco years. :D:blushing:



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Now that was more like it! Costumes were vastly improved this week, maybe they have someone new working on them? Loved the "House" style of dance, I felt like getting off the couch and joining in. I felt the "Cha Cha" was a bit weak in actually showing them dance the basic cha cha vocabulary, but it was entertaining. KK had very focused and pertinent comments for the dancers, hope they really listened to her. I'm interested to see who leaves tomorrow, it looks like it might be a harder decision this week. tutumonkey

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I had to wait for you tube, but so far the first 4 couples were pretty good, 3 of them outstanding! I love that Canada has so many power couples: TJ and Everett, Kim and Emanuel so far come to mind. Other couples have really good chemistry too.

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I've watched Kim and Emanuel's piece a few times now, and I still think it's beautiful. What I love dance-wise that we don't often see on this show: Kim's uses her hands just gorgeously. Definitely a highlight so far.

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Anyone see tonight's installment?


I really liked the tap piece (Everett and Tara-Jean)! I have to say I'm not usually a fan of Sean Cheesman's choreography, but this was a gem. Even rendered Mia almost speechless, which is quite a feat!


Corynne had some pretty tough commentary tonight. I felt badly for her, but she handled herself really well. (I noticed she wore her pointe shoes for the intro - don't remember seeing her


What did others think?



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I really liked the tap piece too, it really grabbed everyones attention at my house. Getting compared to a young Gene Kelly is a great compliment. The overall quality of dancing, choreography, and costuming has been on an upswing the past couple of weeks, I guess everyones used to the relentless pace. tutumonkey

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Oh dear.

I do realize that this show is not meant to be high art, and I don't blame the dancers at all, but I can no longer tolerate the excessive sexuality and the over the top showmanship - I'm out.

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I know what you mean caliope. I thought there was a bit too much last night. Not necessary, in my view.


I believe that one or two of the couples will suffer tonight in large part due to the choreography they were given.


Merde to all the contestants tonight!




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Am I the only one left watching??


Enjoyed the piece tonight by Sabrina Matthews (for those who don't know, she has set some pieces on NBOC).


Show not over yet - still watching.




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I'm still watching. Whoever made that disintegrating yellow costume last night needs a good talking to in the parking lot out behind the dumpsters....very unprofessional!!!! That rant being over, I liked the Sabrina Matthews piece but didn't like Emanuel much. He's a good technician but he's got to let us see the real person when he dances, not his Emanuel "persona" he's built up through the years. I liked seeing the boys dance together and then the girls, it gave me a chance to compare them side by side. The remaining girls are all such strong dancers I have no clue who'll be going home tonight. tutumonkey

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We are still watching also. I agree with tutumonkey about the yellow costume (a bit dangerous I think to have all those feathers falling all over the stage while they are dancing), and I agree about Emmanuel. For the boys, I think he was the weakest last night in all the dances he did (regardless of sore ankle - it was the technique and not so much the injury). I like the dances with the 4 boys together and the 4 girls together. I shows a different side of the dancers.

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Youtube clips of full episodes are getting harder to find, so last I saw was the top 10. What's going on now? I really like TJ, Everett, Kim, and Vincent.

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So as far as I have seen , final 2 are Jayme Rae and Tara Jean for the girls. Who are the guys? Hoping for Everett & Vincent! Has the finale happened?

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Dancers left are TJ, Jayme Rae, Vincent and Everett. You've got your wish! Top 4 episode tapes Sunday (18th) and airs Tuesday (20th), and the finale episode is next Sunday (25th).

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