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We're heading off to France for vacation next week :offtopic: We'll be in the Loire valley, not too far from Tours, for the first week and then in Paris. Does anyone have recommendations for adult-friendly studios in either city? (The only mention of Paris that I found on this board was of the Centre de danse du Marais, and only one person had been there, and that particular poster wasn't an adult student). Thanks in advance for you recommendations!

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in Paris you could come to the studio I go to - we're friendly, and in a very touristic part of Paris - near les Invalides - you can pay just for a lesson too !


the name is Studio Maubourg

I don't have the web address in mind but you'll find it on Google - if not, ask me and I'll search for it !


enjoy the Loire and maybe see you in Paris !

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merci beaucoup, minty!!!!!!

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If you're going to be in Paris... can I also suggest doing the backstage tour of the Garnier? A gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous theater!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm going to Paris in a month, I won't be taking class there, but I love the idea of doing a backstage tour of the Garnier!!

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Does anyone know where I could take a class near Toulouse, France? Really, I will be staying in a small town called "Labastide Saint-Georges", which is a little east of Toulouse... Desperately looking for classes!

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I have taken class at the Centre de Danse du Marais, and had some great classes. My favourite teacher, Nicholas Noel, isn't there any more, but I did class with Ghislain de Compriegnac, and it was excellent.

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Can also recommend classes with Ghislain de Compriegnac at the Centre de Danse Marais. Just wondering if anyone knows of any adult classes in Marseille?

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