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Up coming auditions and year round schooling


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I've spent forever trying to figure out what topic this went in or if this topic already existed but I couldn't figure it out, and I finally settled on putting it here since it says auditions are one of the things we can discuss. If it's in the wrong area I'm really sorry!


Anyways, next year I'll be a junior, and that's just so old! I really want to get into a school by the time I'm a senior but I don't have my schooling done. With auditions coming up in January I have to have my decisions made by December...and have some back up plans.


So I need to know, what companies offer...




-opportunities to get into the company


For example, the Rock had the RAPA program and the Marine Club for dorms, but it doesn't feed into a company anymore. Are there any other schools that are like that but feed into the company?


Also, I tried asking this is the Joffrey thread and they headed me towards the trainee section. I know what a trainee is, but I'm a bit confused. If you're accepted into a school year round are you considered a trainee? I didn't think you were but now I'm a bit confused.


Thanks for any help!! These questions have been killing me.

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No, getting accepted into a school year round does not make you a trainee. It would more likely be considered a pre-pro student. Trainees are generally finished with high school in the programs which are connected to professional companies. Sometimes they are part of the school, and sometimes part of the company. It varies company to company.


As for schools with residence and academics, you need to look at our forum titled Pre-Professional and Residence Programs. Check out Harid, NCSA, Walnut Hill, Kirov Academy, SAB, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis School at ABT. Some of these programs are quite hard to get into, and some not quite as hard. Some require SI attendance, some don't. You just have to research each program. The best way is to go the websites, but there is also information on all of them in that forum I mentioned above.

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Thank you so much!! That was what I needed to know, I also have one last question but I'm also not sure if it should be posted here or in the Pre-Professional section. It's just I've heard dancers saying most resident programs don't accept after sophomore year. Is that true? I've hearde from a lot of people that it's deffenitly true for NCSA, and it wasn't just a rumor, a few people had sibblings/were accepted in the school.

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As with the term "trainee", acceptance policies vary from place to place. Check out the Residential Schools forum, and read the threads on NCSA there. Better yet, contact them directly. Nothing beats "I've heard" like "I talked to them". And maineballet, this is the Young Dancers' forum. No parents.

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Thanks to the wonders of the software, a fellow moderator has clued me in to NCSA policy, so this is a voice of experience.


I would like Molly to know that NCSA does accept students as Juniors. One of (my daughter)'s local studio classmates entered NCSA as a junior and attended junior and senior year. Following her NCSA graduation, she was a trainee at Cincinnati Ballet for a year and just recently joined the Dutch National Ballet as a trainee.
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