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I've noticed something different about my intermediate classes. For the past two months or so they've been simply amazing. We're constantly getting new things at barre and in center and our teacher pushes us every class with new moves I never thought we'd learn.


I have always loved this teacher but I have to attribute this to the fact she has started taking professional level classes again on a regular basis. It's amazing. She has always been into class but her interest level is so much more dynamic these days. And we're benefitting from it tremendously.


It makes me think about other teachers I study with and I have to say their classes seem staid by comparisson. So I have to wonder if her renewed passion for dance makes her a better teacher. Her entire class is about new things. Instead of waiting for one or two new moves in center it starts right at barre. There are days I feel as though it's an entirely different instructor in class.


I absolutely love it and am growing as a result.


I'm curious if anyone else has had similar experiences or if others feel the same -- or disagree. Does one become a better teacher because they themselves are constantly expanding their own dance horizons?



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Guest piccolo

Teacher burnout is handled differently by different people. The owner of the studio where I worked in Wisconsin actually had a line item in her budget so each of her teachers could attend one teaching seminar or convention every year. I think it is important to keep engaged, keep learning new things, and to keep experiencing dance so you don't burn out. You don't necessarily need to take classes to continue to be passionate about your teaching. Maybe it is a great ballet performance you see. Maybe it is a master class you observe by a teacher you admire. For your teacher, taking classes seems to do her a world of good and that's great for you!

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And sometimes, the "burnout extinguisher" isn't even ballet-related. Reading a book, hearing a striking piece of music, seeing a brilliant film, or doing something totally different like learning to fly (in an airplane), or taking a vacation.


We know quite a bit about Bournonville's vacations, for example - he would use them as inspirations for some of his ballets!:D

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