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Thrifty ballet tips anyone?


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Being a student I am always on the look out for ways to save money....one day I'll have a proper job!

So any ideas about any money saving ideas for ballet like dancewear especially?


For example, I was wondering does anyone have any tips on turning old clothes/worn tights/old leotrads into something you could wear to dance? I have tonnes of old T-shirts, and I've seen some professional dancers wearing things that look like old t-shirts/or other forms of clothing that I am unable to identify, but they've been cut or sewn in ways that I don't know to make them look more dancey. I just don't want to spend loads on new dancewear if I can turn old things into wearable things.



Jeanette xx:D :D

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Guest Aurelie

I don't know where you live but there is a dance store in california that sells everything for $10 or less. tights are $3. If you can't get to the store they also have a website. www.dannyswarehouse.com. I'm not sure where they deliver to. Their store in in Culver city.



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My calves are really tight and I was desperate to find some wool legwarmers. That useless pair of hicking socks in my drawer finally found a new purpose. I hacked off the toes and now I have a nice pair of wool warmers. Claves get nice and toasty warm.

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Guest beckster

I bought a pair of wool tights from primark (betcha miss that shop, jeanette) and cut off the toes and made a hole in the heel. Bingo, tights to wear over my normal ballet stuff on those freezing cold mornings. They were actually kids tights (advantage of being a short person) and cost about £2. Of course the minute I made them, my teacher started remembering to leave the heating on, and now the weather is warmer. Nevermind, I'll save them for next year!


Of course, the best thing to do is to learn to sew and knit. Then you can probably make all kinds of bargain dancewear.

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Guest marvelous

Danny's Wherehouse is a great value. Even though they are located in Culver City, CA, they ship anywhere in the U.S. Their website is a bit limited, so I would advise anyone who plans to order from them to call ahead of time. Tell them what you are looking for and they can tell you what they have.

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Guest MichaelB

I've had limited success gluing the sole back on ballet slippers, and sewing a hole in a slightly big slipper. (Actually, my ex girlfriend sewed the hole, and it fit better than when new.;) )


Have seen some women wearing clothes with holes, even if the holes are in funny places. :)


Some say you can buy cheap women's dancewear at Target.


I get all my dancewear online, since menswear is hard to find, and since it is so much cheaper.


My favorite online value is http://www.dancefactoryoutlet.com/store.asp

I've had four orders with not one mistake. Some items are irregular or slightly damaged although the website didn't say so. Still, everything has been perfectly wearable and has held up quite well to use/washing.


My second favorite value is Danny's (posted above). I've had 4-5 orders, and several people I've recommended them to have also ordered from Danny's. In our experience, some of the items seemed fine at first but did not hold up well. Items with odd brand names we hadn't heard of before were of very poor quality from the start. And they make many mistakes, even if you call in your order, but are always willing to correct them.

In spite of those issues, I still recommend Danny's as an excellent value. Stick to brand names you know, and don't be in a rush to get the item you ordered, in the size you asked for.


I've had good luck with one order each from Freemotion, Discount Dance Supply, 22 Dance, and Dance Boutique. But they aren't as cheap.


There is only one place I've had a really bad experience with, since they were unwilling to fix their mistake. Maybe I shouldn't mention them by name here, but they are on South Portage Point in

Onekama. If you plan to order from that company, you can email me and I'll fill you in on the problem. Too bad since they have a good custom menswear selection.

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I think a 'weird, with holes' look doesn't look bad at all (all arty people have a weird dress code, don't they :D ) unless your teacher requires a specific look..


What we do here in Scotland (when it's cold!), is take an old pair of tights (any colour) make a hole in the crotch, holes at both feet and wear as a sweater (crotch for neck, legs for arms) It's quite snug and if the tights get unravelled, so be it, we're funky :D


As for footwear, usually buying through the internet is the best option, and when you get holes, it's often good to stick some tape (surgical type) on the hole before sewing on top of it (the needle gets all sticky though :mad: )


For shorts, we get a pair of cheap leggings and cut it to the size required (anything get to be cut you see, that's where it's appealing!)

Do not even attempt to sew pretty seam at the bottom though (don't ask me why :confused: ) as it's not fun enough.


Hope that helped :cool:

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Hi all, thanks for all your replies:D


I'll try the cut leggings for shorts..also do you cut t-shirts at all? and if so how should they be cut to make them look 'funky'?:cool:


Thanks again

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Guest BethJ

For funky shirts for dancing I usually just take an old shirt that I don't wear any more and cut out the neck so that it is a boat neck and cut the sleeves to about 3/4 length. This works well with any knit shirt as well as t-shirts. Also balletwoman's suggestion about making the tights into a shirt works well. If you leave the waist band on the tights, it can also provide a little extra support.



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I like BethJ idea! And for short arms T.shirt, I would probably cut the arms altogether, as even with a fitted T.shirt, it restrict your movements more...


For the neck, I'd cut a V or leave it as it is (or why not a big U?)


I don't really know... Be inspired with your scissors ;) I cut anything, anywhere, as long as it covers the area I'm hiding :) or just makes me look cool :confused: Don't know if it works though :eek:

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