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The School of American ballet is basically my dream school, and I would love to audition this winter for the SI. I know that SAB is just about the hardest school to get into, and is very specific about body size and proportions, which of course scares me! I was wondering if girls who auditioned for the SI could tell about their experiences and if girls who got could describe their training. Some questions:



-Who taught?

- What happened?

-How difficult was the class?

-How many auditioners were there?

- Did they ask about weight and height and all of that?

- Did they take pictures of your feet? ( I have been told from a guy that they did this, and with my not super feet, I was insanely worried when I heard)



-How tall are you?

- How old were you when you were accepted?

-How good is you instep arch?

-Are your legs hyper-extended?

- How long are you legs?

-How many girls were accepted from your audition site/ school?

- what kinds of classes do you take?

- Is your school pre-professional?

-How many girls from the SI were asked to stay during the fall?


Sorry for the novel, but I am beyond interested! Please reply!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, emiballerina. You'll find a lot of information about the School of American Ballet in the threads dedicated to its year-round and Summer Intensive programmes, so we suggest that you read those first, and then post any questions you still have on those specific threads.


School of American Ballet


School of American Ballet (SI 2008-09)


You might also find the general informational forums about SIs useful: SIs: Frequently Asked Questions, and SIs: General questions. Good luck in your auditions!



I'm closing this thread now as we ask members to help us keep all SI information in the dedicated threads.

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