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"Hyper-mobile" foot?


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I have been en pointe for a year. Some girls in my class struggle to get up onto pointe fully, but I find that easy AND I can go further (as in over the box the other way). How can I control this? Would strengthening my ankles so I can control this better, help? I don't usually do this when I am en pointe, but now and again, I do go a little too far over and I am worried about injuries, as I know this is dangerous.

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Lau it sounds as if you need to strengthen your body and legs so as not to sit on your feet. You are correct, it can be dangerous to go over too far. Have you discussed your concerns with your teacher? Your teacher should take an interest in helping you to understand what areas of your body and legs need strengthening. It is definitely more than your ankles. You must learn to stand lifting out of your legs and hips. Since we are unable to see each other, I will try to describe it. You must stand as if you do not want to place any weight on your legs. It is a feeling similar to sitting on a very fine sofa or chair that you are afraid might break under you (old and creaky :thumbsup: ). You lift your weight out of your hips and stand up very tall stretching you waistline and neck too. Taller than you could ever imagine you could be.


When you have flexible feet it is very important not to push over! :bouncing:

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Thank you so much for your reply. Yep, I'm bad about not pulling up properly and thus sitting in my shoes. I really do need additional strength all over my body. I will chat to my teacher at class this evening - she has tried to help me before but we didn't have much time that day as it was a big class but tonight there are only two of up in the class. Do you have any suggestions for cross-training that would help?

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Pilates. Strengthen your abs and work very hard at lifting your ribcage up off your hip bones, equally in front and in back, at all times when you are awake! :)


That means proper ballet stance when you are sitting eating breakfast, walking at the grocery store, shopping, etc.

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