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I do not know the regualtions now but when I was there the foreign students were able to stay through out the vacations meaning that one could arrive on September 1 and leave on July 1 making for only the one round trip airfare. This also helped a lot financially.

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She recently danced the lead role in the Nutcracker at the Mariinsky Theatre, and you can watch it on youtube, on the channel of 'petyarus'. :)

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Has she joined the Mariinsky?! Her name is not on the roster, but that is a serious role! Congrats to her either way.

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I have just returned from a visit to St. Petersburg and was able to watch a few classes, rehearsals and performances. Ms. Keenan was lovely in class and rehearsal. I left a few days before her performance. She is in the class of Udilenkova and doing well. Thank you for the YouTube hint. Yes, Fraildove, this is a serious role for the Russian's to give to a foreigner and she dances it with great confidence. She does very well! :P

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WOW! I just watched the Nut pas and it was breathetaking!!! Lovely job by all, especially by the young lady! Watch it!! Very difficult choreography (AMAZING lifts), and just wonderful to watch.

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