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Important Message for ALL TEENS

Victoria Leigh

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I hope by now that you have all read the announcement put up this morning in Site News. If you haven't, PLEASE read it. It is very important.


Our concern now is to be sure that you all understand the risks involved in accepting Private Messages or emails from adults you do not know. In addition, we believe that you are on Ballet Talk for Dancers to learn from our professional staff of teachers, pointe shoe experts, medical moderators, and also our wonderful parent moderators who have exceptional experience in raising dancers.. It is not a good idea for you to accept technical, career, pointe shoe, or especially health advice from other members through PM, no matter how well intentioned. We are asking you not to accept any PM's from adults unless they are from a moderator, or in response to someone you have written. There are reasons for the restrictions we have on the YD forums, the Health forum, and the Pointe Shoe forum. We would appreciate very much your cooperation in sending any PM's from an adult member who is not an Administrator or a Moderator, to Contact Us. They will come directly to me. No one else receives the Contact Us email.


We are taking this very seriously, and we hope that you will, too.


If you need to write to an adult member, the only reason I can think of would be for SI or Residency questions, and only then if it cannot be posted on the board because it is a sensitive question. As we said in the main post to everyone, this board is here for the purpose of ballet education and information, and discussions of things relevant to ballet. It is not a social networking site.


As for emails, please make sure that your email address is NOT showing in your profile. You may post your email addresses on the Buddy Board only. Please do not EVER post it on an open forum!

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