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Am I too old to begin?


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I'm a sixteen year old boy and my mother used to do ballet and she said I can't start this late because I won't be able to do anything good. I've always ALWAYS dreamt of doing ballet but when I was younger we would move out of state nearly three times a year and I was never able to learn. Though my mother also said I have a natural talent for dance... So my question is am I chasing something that only my child self could reach? I know that going professional is an ignorant wish but I do want to be in shows.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Sawyerr! If you enjoy dancing, it is never too late to start. While you may not be able to become a full-time professional ballet dancer, many schools do end-of-year performances, and some do a Nutcracker in winter as well, so you will most likely find opportunities to be onstage. If you do have a talent for dance, you may find yourself progressing faster than expected. I recommend calling or going to the websites of a few schools in your area to find out if they offer beginning classes for teens. Some of them might even have boys-only classes. You may feel intimidated and find it difficult at first, but I recommend sticking with it for a few weeks--the more classes you take, the more comfortable you will feel. Good luck and enjoy!

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Thank you for replying so fast!

How much does it usually cost to begin? My dad is most likely going to be hard to convince because I'm already so old and he'll think that it's not worth the money.

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Sawyerrr, I have know many male dancers who have made it to a professional career after starting even in college! Seriously. It is not the norm, but if the physical attributes, the coordination, the desire, and the work ethic are there, it is possible. Much, much more possible for a male than for a female. It is, however, critical to begin as soon as possible, and to find the very best training available.


The cost varies a lot in different parts of the country. But that cannot be the consideration, because anything less than the best training is not going to do it.

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