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I love to dance, and i want to go to college for it. But, I don't think I will have had enough experience by then. You see, I am a fifteen year old sophmore, and I hav eonly been taking dance for two years. I have only had ballet for one year, but because of my strength, I am in the advanced ballet class and teh pointe class this year. How can I fit enough training into the three year of high school I have left to get into a college with a good dance program? Do I even have a chance?

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Erybearr, it depends on the college. Some of them are audition-only and accept only the best dancers; others allow everyone to take class and only hold placement auditions. I recommend reading through the college and university program reviews here to get an idea of which program might be right for you.

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erybearr, you have evidently come a long way quickly, but I would really have to question being in the advanced class and on pointe after only one year of training. It's good that you are strong, but unless you are doing several hours a day of ballet and pointe, 6 days a week, there is no way that you would have the knowledge and technique to even be on pointe, much less in an advanced class. If you want to be ready for ballet auditions in 3 years or less, I think you will need to get into a top notch program where you will get a minimum of 2.5 hours a day of ballet and pointe. This may be difficult to do, since in a pre-pro school you might not be advanced enough yet to qualify for that level of training.


I would like to hear your ballet schedule from last year and this year, if you don't mind. That would help us to know a bit more about your training.

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