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8 months after...


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It's been a loooong recovery since January 15, 3 months of physiotherapy that didn't work, then all possible tests, diagnosis finally in June (peroneal tear), 6 weeks in a cast, then walking boot, then regaining the ankle... During all those months I did not read about ballet, did not watch ballet, did not listen to ballet music - maybe I needed to totally disconnect - and walked, walked and walked more (got doggies)... and now, for the first time in so long, well, I just want to watch Swan Lake!!! I might try a class tonight, and hope, fingers and toes crossed, that the tendon is fine... I'm happy to be back here too, I missed reading you!

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Welcome back, Mireille :)


You're in good company here: I think there are several adult dancers coming back after a long break and injury. I'm doing it myself (although not after a leg/foot injury -- that must be really hard). It's really tough, but after about my 3rd class, I started to regain my "ballet brain." It's going to take a lot longer for my "ballet body" to return however! I seem to have lst y turning stability, and my petit allegro is worse than it has ever been!


Ah well, onwards and upwards! I hope that you find your way back to dancing and the enjoyment of it. It's addicting (I'm rediscovering that), and joyful. Have a wonderful time :)

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