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Class Etiquette


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What's the most important etiquette when at a ballet class?

When to wear leg warmers?

When to drink water?

Do you bring your dance bag in class?

Do you change at the studio?

What should you keep in your dance bag?

Anything else will also help, I know I'm only a beginner and I'll learn these things but I have a need to impress, I'm also a bit of a perfectionist.

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  • Remember, you student, me teacher.
    Not until you know how to keep your knees and ankles from flopping around loose.
    When you're thirsty.
    Local option. Some studios require it, others ban it.
    This is best, if there's a place for it.
    Towel, extra socks, deodorant, and that's really all you need, besides what you wear to class, and your street clothes.

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My dance bag has:

My warm-ups, extra tights, hairspray, class items (shoes etc), and a first aid kit.

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This an old topic and should have been closed. It is now closed. Dance bags are a Buddy Board topic. :)

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