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Hi, I am quite new to ballet talk.

My country does not sell the dance magazine college guide so I am not able to purchase it locally. I am wondering if I am planning to audition next year (2010) at the end (around november to december) and enroll into a dance college in 2011, should I purchase the college guide online now (2010 version) or should I wait till next year to get the 2011 copy? Thanks!

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Why not browse the colleges listed on BT4D? If any sound like what you are looking for, you can go to their websites. Saves you some money and I think we have just about all the bases covered.

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BT4D is us, Ballet Talk for Dancers! As a rule, the college guides do not contain a great deal of information. Schools PAY to be included, so there may only be a brief listing for some of the best schools. You are far better off going to the college websites. We have quite an extensive list as well, with personal experiences included.


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Taradriver is right- this is true of all college publications. They pay to be in them. This site offers first hand info that is very insightful. Other community web sites are good as well and might be a better way for your DD to get direct questions asked and answered. Tell her to friend other dancers on social sites from the schools she is intereted in- most schools have friend groups on thee social sites.

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We ordered this last year for DD who will be a senior this year. Unfortunately, I feel it really was a waste of money. You can gather all the same info from BTFD and the college websites. There was nothing in the guide that was new information to us or added any new schools to DD's list.

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I agree with luvmiballerina. I've actually passed ours off to other dancers who don't seem to have a plan. If you have no idea where to start it could be useful but if you have ideas about what colleges you are interested in I wouldn't spend the money.

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I also agree. It didn't provide any additional information or insights, and I didn't feel that it was worth it.

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We found the book "Creative Colleges" by Elaina Loveland much more helpful than the Dance Magazine College Guide. It contained more in-depth information on certain dance programs. And it can be purchased on Amazon.com thru the link here.

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I believe one can purchase an electronic version of the College Gude online for the same price as the paper version.

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