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Beginning pointe shoe kit?


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I have been asked to assist with the beginning pointe class (demonstrating and such) for their first semester with pointe shoes. I was thinking that it would be sweet to make each of them a little pointe shoe kit and was wondering if anyone had suggestions of what to include.

I also wanted to put the items in the mesh style bags that many people (including me) use to carry their pointe shoes. These bags are about 8 dollars at my local dance store, and I was wondering if anyone had seen a less expensive source for them.


So my two questions:

1) what would you put in a "beginning pointe" kit?

2) where to find inexpensive mesh bags?

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I think I would have a chat with them and have them take notes on what they should be carrying in their pointe shoe bag. I think it's sweet of you to want to make a gift basket for them, but you are setting a precedent that may not be able to be continued, unless of course, you or your school happens to be independently wealthy....in which case, I'm up for adoption. :rolleyes:


Seriously, next class that gets to go en pointe after this one is going to be looking for their special baggy, and if it doesn't materialize, well, you'll hear about that!


MY thoughts on what a dancer should have in her bag:

Stitch Kit

Extra ribbons/elastic

blister/first aid kit

foot powder/foot deoderant

scissors to snip satin off platform

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What a very kind and lovely idea! :rolleyes: Unfortunately what Clara76 is saying is true. Unless you have very deep pockets filled with a never ending supply pointe show kits, the idea to present them with a list of the items they will need to keep in their bags is the next best thing. :thumbsup: Congratulations and enjoy you new responsibility.

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I think it will be okay, because every new class gets a new demonstrator so it is not a continued position. That would be a lot of money if it was a continuing project! Thank you so much, for your insight about what to include!

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What about clear nail polish for the ends of ribbons and runs in tights? (I don't recommend lighters for ribbons- Ribbons are flammable so I am recommending clear nail polish). One could use Jet Glue as well, but Jet Glue needs to be left at home in a workshop/well ventilated area, and not carried in the dance bag. Too many extra leo/tights/shoes disasters have started that way.... :shrug::rolleyes:

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I went to Target and found a little package of clear nail polish that contains 6 mini nail polishes on sale so I got two of those for the kits!

My studio has bulk elastic and ribbon available for free so I have cut some for each of the kits too.

Thank you so much for your suggestions!


I thought about jet glue but its pretty expensive and I have ruined a leotard by keeping it in my bag...so thought it best not to do that one!

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I am starting pointe work soon, and my more advanced best friend has started already(Im so proud of her!). This is what she has in her kit, and also some things that I have started collecting for mine that are mostly inexpensive. Sorry if you do not know what I am talking about if I mention certain unheard of products, I am in South Africa.



Earbuds(for applying zambuck)

A small sewing kit

extra ribbon and elastic

Rubbing alcahol pads

Boraic powder



Hope I helped :)

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Ummm, just make sure, balletiseverything, that you include elastoplast/tape to wrap your toes with, and some plasters to put over the blisters. (Thin ones are obviously the best.)


Have fun :)

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