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cant wait for pointe


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Well I started ballet at age 7 and started pointe at age 11 (I am now 14) but my little sister started ballet at 11 and is in intermediate now at age 12. She is very curious about when she will get to start pointe and her teachers say probably next year when shes 13. But she was wondering if starting pointe at 13 and starting ballet at the age of 11 will effect her chances of having a professional career in ballet. Like when auditioning for a company do they see when you started? and if they do will it decrease your chances of getting into the company if you started a little late like 11?

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Welcome BabyBallerina to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please make sure you stop by the Welcome Forum to indroduce yourself. :sweating:


As for your sister, there is no concrete answer to your questions, but it is wondeful that you are interested to help her in her studies of ballet. There is no way to really tell the exact length of time a student has been studying ballet although experienced teachers are able to place a student according to level. There is no reason for concern for your sister beginning pointe at age 13, as long as she has qualified teachers who are interested to help to become the best that she can be, talent, luck and the drive to apply herself with great discipline, energy and dedication. :)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, BabyBallerina.


As to your question about your sister, company directors may look at resumes, but they really don't care what age you started, all they care about is what you look like right now, at this audition. As to her chances of succeeding after starting late, that will depend on the amount of talent and physical facility she has, combined with the quality and quantity of training, and her passion and work ethic. So, there is no way to predict. It is not unheard of for someone who started late to make it, but it they do have to be somewhat exceptional.

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Im 13 and hopefully (if I pass my next exam!) am going on pointe in a couple of months. Well, it sounds like your sister is very quick at progressing (intermediate in one year :D ) so it probs shouldn't be that long I'm guessing. If her teacher has already spoken to her about it then they probs think she's nearly ready too. Hope I've helped.


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